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=^.^= Instructions on setting up a Bukkit, Vanilla server & Port forwarding! Stay tune!

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  1. Vanilla Set-Up
  • You will need to download the Server Panel. Here is the link. https://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftDownload/launcher/Minecraft_Server.exe
  • While it is Downloading you need to Make a folder. You need to Left Click go to New.. And select folder.

  • RyZthuXpng

  • Then you will nee to drag the Minecraft.server.exe into that folder.
  • Now you need to rename the folder to minecraft.server

  • kShCsKUpng

  • After you have Renamed the Folder to Minecraft.server you will need to Open the file.
  • You next need to hit the "Minecraft_Server" And Hit "Run"

  • KDweZpng

  • Now after you have hit "Run" You're control panel to you're server should have popped Up!
  • Now you will need to let the Panel load. Untill is says "Done,! Help type in help or "?".

  • adceeabfpng

  • Now after it has loaded and finished you should see all the files, and folders pop in the Minecraft.server folder.

  • cadbepng

  • Now you can hit Server.Properties. And you can change the settings.
  • But first you need to put you're Ip: Adress in the server Properties!

  • Go to Command Prompt. ->Run->"Cmd"-> Now you need to type in "IpConfig"
  • Now you will see allot of stuff, Or you will deirected to you;re ip's If you can't see you'res right off the bat you need to scroll up! And wait till to find

  • IKMkDmJpng
    On the end you will see the Ip Of you're adresses.
  • You need to write down you're Default Gateway And you're Ip Adress.
  • When you open you're server folder again. There should be a Properties folder.
  • After you click the Folder you will need to Find the section that says Server-Ip=

  • OIojMKspng

  • You will need to type in your Ip:Adress into that spot. After the = Sign though.
  • You will need to Run you're server. So open the Control panel and run the server.
  • Wait for it to show, the ip is Running on ***.***.****
  • Then close the server! And that's the set up for the Vanilla server.
  • Note: You cannot have plugins on the Vanilla server. Do not try to make a Plugin Folder!

    Make a Bukkit server
  • You first need to Download Java, This is required. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7u9-downloads-1859586.html
  • Now you can drag it onto you're Desktop.
  • Now you will need to make a new Folder called Minecraft.server (Directions) You first need to Right click you're desktop. Then you will go down and select "New" Go over and git Folder. Then you will need to Double click to Rename the folder. (Minecraft.server)
  • Now you need to Download Bukkit for you're server. http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/01804_1.4.7-R0.1/
    When you are done downloading the bukkit, You will need to drag it into the Minecraft.Server Folder.
  • Now you will need to rename the Bukkit.. To craftbukkit
  • Now you will need to make a New document and type this in the document.
  • java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o false PAUSE
  • Then you need to Click Save-As and type the name run.bat
  • Now you will need to run the bukkit, Controll panel. Named (craftbukkit)
  • Now wait till everything is all loaded. When it says it's done. Now you will see all the Folders, and Files. Plugins, Properties, and firther on.
  • You will need to go to the Command Prompt again. And putt you're Ip-Adress in the ip-adress= After the (=)
  • Now run you;re server and wait untill it says your server is running in Ip: **>*>*>*>*>* ok? Now you can close that. And you;re all done.(If you can't figure out how to get to command prompt read the bottom of the vanilla server set-up.__)

Port Forwarding!
  • First you will need to get you're default gateway, Run-."cmd"-> IpConfig --> Look for the Default gateway and you're Ip:Adress.
  • Then open up, Google Crome, (Revemended) Or firefox, Now you will need to type in you're Default GateWay on the top for the search bar.
  • After you hit enter there will be a Login-Screen.

  • qPjFypng
    For username try Admin.
    For Password try: password

  • If those don't work you need to call you're port company, or you're parents.
  • Then you will be in a screen like this

  • eyaQLVpng
    You will need to hit Appilcations & Gamming. Or you will have something close or near that.

  • Now you will be brought up to this page!

  • ftpng
    You need to type minecraft right there. You're Port And then Repeat the Port HERE ^ Select Both;

  • Now you will need to Finish the last standing of you're Gateway on the screen. So if the last diggits of my ip were 345 i need to putt that down in the blank.
  • After you are done with you need to hit "enable"
  • And at the bottom there will be the save changes.; You hit that and you;re done. You can run you're server and it is now port forwared!

  • But wait!! The ip you putt in you're properties. Is not the Ip you give to friends you will need to go the Whatsmyip.org To get the Ip you hand out to friends.

  • I hope this helped you guys. If you liked it and this helped make sure to Diamond!!
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02/01/2013 8:43 pm
Level 1 : New Architect
isnt it suposed to be run.bat instead of bet????
02/01/2013 8:48 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pixel Puncher
yeah, Oh, sorry that was a error. Sorry. But thank you for helping me. It is no fixed.
01/29/2013 2:19 am
Level 34 : Artisan Geek
good but. needs cleaning id say. for 1. most epople may or may not understand a gateway IP it reads it but easily noticed if you said it is usually à à 192.168.1.xxx . usually 254 or sometimes can be accessed without the 254 and just written as and its good to know how to log into your router and how / where to find your passwords for itthe IP to your router can also be located by looking at the sticker on the bottom or side of your router its usually there and a quick shortcut its fun and nice to try is by going to your adress bar and typing //home should take you to it. youre half right about some routers are defaulted to admin / password some are name / admin. some are pre set up and need to be located with the manual your isp or cable service gave you . but USUALLY for most systems it is also easily located by finding on the bottom of your router where you will see model type of your router serial number and other information . its not the model number or the serial that is your password its the other one that will let you log into your router. and for how to set up port forwarding its good but its not the same for everyone for example ive had 6 routers and none of which had a gaming tab. mine were usually located under advanced or one i had actually had a port forwarding section. an easy solution is to still look at the info on your router and remember that model number then navigate with your browser to portforward.com that can/will walk you through a process. also i think it should be noted that the default port to port forward that minecraaft is set to is 25565 so thats the port you want to use and the IP that your friends will use to connect to your server is your EXTERNAL ip which can be found if you type in whats my ip in google
01/29/2013 1:40 am
Level 25 : Expert Pixel Puncher
If you need Any further help with anything else, I have 2 websites you can talk to me on!
01/29/2013 2:21 am
Level 34 : Artisan Geek
also i see all these links and idk what they are taking me to and no screenshots or anything as to what im spossed to be seeing label them... =)
01/29/2013 6:45 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Oh, Sorry i will fix that!
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