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HUNGER GAMES: 101 Tips,Paths,Tricks!

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Themyyth avatar Themyyth
Level 34 : Artisan Dragonborn
Survival Games 101 With Themyyth


Now To Become A Survival Games Victor You Must Choose One of FIVE Paths. The Paths Are, BackStabber, Assassin, N00B, Scavenger/survivalist, And the Best If you are good at pvp.... TANK!

Lets start with BackStabber,

Now to take the path of backstabber you must have either freinds you dont like very much, or just randoms you find that you got the skype of. (skype will help if you wish to take this path for talking to people so they trust you.)

Now as a backstabber your main goal is to steal as much food/armor/weapons as possible and then at the very end when there are only 5-10 people left You kill your Team or some of them if others adventuring.

Now Lets Learn about choosing the path of the Assassin

Taking the path of the assassin is pretty much being a Lone wolf, rationing food, being stealthy, and getting hold of O.P Items. Now the MOST important thing about being an assassin is rationing food because in the survival games every night the cornucopia/spawn is stuffed full of food weapons and armor that is how you get your Main food. now stealth, (do not mistake stealth for hiding behind a tree crouching)

Now for stealth DO NOT JUST HIDE THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME! There is usually 1-2 people using nodus/hacked clients and they will be able to see you through walls so the main stealth tip i have for you is Be ABOVE THEM Barely anyone looks up in the survival games and if you have a high advantage point YOU WILL WIN!

Last but not least to get hold of O.P items you will need to attend the F.E.A.S.T the feast is something that happens mid-survival games the feast is a cornucopia fulled with food armor and DIAMOND weapons soo......RUN IN AND GET THEM DIAMONDz.

The next path is the N00B path, its self explanatory.

What you do is RUN AWAY FROM THE CORNICOPIA Find some chests until you are 503.785% sure you have enuf food 2 camp with and then climb to the top of a massive building mountain or tower hold down shift and wait until its you vs some random guy.

Scavenger/survivalist is the next path to be a scavenger is to usually have 15% weapons/armor and 85% food so that you can survive for ages then if you spot someone do not just COME AT THEM BRO wait for them to turn around and then DESTROY THEM WITH A STONE SWORD!

Last But Not Least....... TANK! This is My personal favourite because you........RUN TO THE CORNICOPIA (like a boss) KILL 6 PEOPLE AT THE CORNICOPIA (like a boss) WAlK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET (like a boss) get stabbed in the back by an assassin or scavenger (HOLY FU**) like a boss!

And if you are still reading to this point you are a NiNjA!

If you enjoyed/found any of these tips useful please.....



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If you have any other paths/suggestions post in the comments below and it might have a chance of being featured right here on this BLOGG

See you in teh-comments :D

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