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How to make an Automatic Cobblestone Generator )Redstone Days #1)

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I am doing a new blog series! I am a bit of a whiz at redstone, so I am going to share how to build amazing and simple things out of redstone!

Today, I am going to teach you how to make an Automatic Cobblestone Generator. You are going to need:

* 2 Redstone Torches

* Some minecart track (not very much)

* Redstone Booster Rails (only 2)

*Regular Minecart Track

* Detector Rail

* About 2 or 3 pieces of redstone

* 1 Piston

* 1 Lava Bucket

* 1 Water Bucket

* About half a stack of cobblestone (or any block that won't set on fire)

Step 1: Clear Out a 4*5 Space (or bigger)

This plot doesn't have to be very large, but it's the place where all of your building is going to take place.

Step 2: Dig down 3 layers

This is where you are going to build the inner workings of your awesome generator.

Step 3: Dig out to the side 3 layers (on the long side)

REMEMBER to leave the top (grass) layer there when digging!!!

Step 4: Build your Minecart track

This is going to be what will power your piston.

Step 5: Put in the Redstone Torches

Put them right next to the 2 power rails, so the rails glow.

Step 6: Put down your minecart

Put some Redstone Wire next to the detector rail, to check and see if the Rail detects it.

Step 7: Put down your piston

This is what is going to push the cobblestone up so you can harvest it on the surface. Remember to hook it up with the track with Redstone Wire to see if it works properly.

Step 8: Building the border for your water and lava

You can use any kind of block, just as long as it doesn't set on fire!

Step 9: Time to put in some water and lava!

Make sure that you organize it in a way that you DON'T turn it into obsidian!

Step 10: Magic!

Hook up your piston and watch cobblestone soar into the air! Remember to put a block (such as obsidian) to stop the generator from making so much cobblestone. Also, cover up the open areas! You don't want a magician suc as yourself revealing your secrets do you?

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I'm excited for his series of blogs to start coming in maybe once or twice a week! If this helped you out in any way, go ahead and leave me a diamond, it helps a lot and shows how much support you guys give me. =)

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