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I love candy as much as i love my family as much as i love minecraft (Contest)

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avatar GummyBearFromHell
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Since my name.. I love gummybears... So it would be nice to add candy (and other delicious food and beverages)to the game, So here is a list i made :D

Well it would be
Chocolate (Place 3 cocoa beans in a row in crafting table)
Peanuts (Not a candy but i like nuts. They would grow naturally)
Peanut butter (Also not a candy but... Who doesn't love Peanut butter, You would but 3 peanuts in crafting table.. doesn't matter where.. but three peanuts)
Hot Chocolate (But chocolate in furnace)
Soda (Crafting Table, place bucket in the bottom,but a water bucket above the empty bucket and add any kind of dye and it will appear in that color)
Oranges (I love oranges more then apples so Oranges are just like apples, they grow on trees)
Jaffacakes (They are delicious and the reason i love oranges so much, but you put 3 chocolate in 1 row, and 3 oranges 1 row and there will come 3 jaffacakes)
Peanut Butter Chocolate (add 2 peanuts in 1 row and one chocolate in the middle, Crafting Table)
White Chocolate (Put bucket of milk in the bottom middle and put chocolate in the middle)
Gummy Seeds (Just like you find regular seed, Also really common to find them in all dungeons)
Gummy (You put Gummy seeds in a farmland and wait for them to grow. They begin white. But you can color them with ALL sorts of dye)
Gummy Bears (Fill the 3x3 Crafting thingy dingy and you get GUMMY BEARS(You cannot color them. you must put colored gummy for them to be colorful. or they will ONLY be gray)
Rainbow Candy (In the middle you put gummy and then around you must put 8 diffrent colors. the result will become colorful and when you eat rainbow candy hostile mobs will be neutral to you for 1 Minecraft night, It will also heal you instantly)

I hope you like it :D
(P.S I am not taking any drugs if you think that i take drugs because most of this did not make sense, I am also not fat FYI, Even though i love candy i exercise...)

I realized something COOL... AND INCREDIBLE... and would be awesome...

A Haunted Palace/House/Castle/Mansion/Chateau/Estate.. It would be in ruins. Chests and Witches, Skeletons and Zombies... NO CREEPERS... But there is more. Somewhere.. Is the ghost of Herobrine's Dead wife, Ernesta Notch. She died of a poisonous potato. The reason Herobrine is evil.

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