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i talk about the identity of a rabbit from a spooky vhs horror series for an absurd amount of time (The Walten Files Theory)

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If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you check out The Walten Files before reading the rest of this theory. It’s real good.

If you don’t care about spoilers & all that jazz, or, y’know, you’ve already seen The Walten Files, go for it lol.

When it comes to The Walten files, we know the human identity of almost every animatronic so far. It’s also made relatively clear who’s-who.

• Rosemary is obviously Sha, based on... well, the entire segment of Sha in the second episode, The Relocate Project, as well as her segment in the third episode, Bunnyfarm. Her dismembered body is seen being stuffed into Sha, there’s a scene which says “When she woke up, she was beautiful, but on the inside, it felt like every part of her body was bleeding out.” alongside a clip of the Sha animatronic twitching and covered in blood, the audio of her dying in Bunnyfarm... you get the picture.

• Susan is Banny, based on the multiple times her missing poster has appeared onscreen alongside Banny.... oh and the shots of her dead body inside of the Banny animatronic... yeah go figure.

• Ashley is Billy, as her corpse is clearly seen inside of the Billy suit at the end of the second episode. She also doesn’t really need a missing poster because she is.. very clearly dead.

• Charles is Boozoo, given the Boozoo segment in episode three, and also in how he’s very clearly deceased.

• Edd and Molly are clearly possessing the Rocket doll, as evident by the entire school party/car wreck scene in episode three.

So yayyy, we know who the scary blood robots are. Mostly.

There’s one glaring exception, which I find really odd, given how up-front the series has mostly been about the humans possessing these animatronics;

Bon himself.

The real identity of Bon is... honestly something you would’ve expected to be revealed pretty early on, right? With him being the face of the series & all.

So, while I’m definitely not certain about this prediction, I feel like the current ambiguity of the soul possessing Bon may be leading up to a twist of some sort.

In the TWF community, it’s commonly agreed upon that the soul inside of Bon is none other than Jack Walten. This would make sense at first; He’s shown frequently near Bon, he’s one of the main human characters... heck, he even has a missing poster. So, Bon is Jack, case closed, right?


When have we ever seen Jack actually dead? Again, you’d think that if he’s possessing Bon, the main antagonist of the series, and, considering all of the disturbing body-horror-ish imagery we’ve seen involving the other characters, we would’ve seen a body at this point.

Another thing to think about; Why would Jack, a man greatly impacted by the loss of two of his children at an early age, of all people, kill his own wife and then try to kill his only remaining child?

On top of all of that, Martin Walls, the creator of the series himself, has essentially outright confirmed that Jack just might not be the soul controlling Bon.

i talk about the identity of a rabbit from a spooky vhs horror series for an absurd amount of time (The Walten Files Theory)

I’m not saying that I’m 1000% confident that Jack Walten isn’t Bon, as there’s definitely evidence for it, but I feel like a turn in the plot such as this is something that The Walten Files might just do, with Jack being the perfect red herring.

Now, this would beg the question of who Bon is, if not Jack.


What about Felix?

For starters, there’s no outright confirmation that Felix is alive at this point in the series. While we’ve never seen him dead, per say, we’ve never seen Jack dead either.

”oH bUt WhAt aBoUt tHe BeGinNiNg Of EpIsOde TwO?? dIdN’t FeLiX cReAtE tHe ReLoCaTe pRoj-“ Shhhh. S h h h h h h. While this is a valid point to bring up, The Relocate Project could have easily been something that either Felix, Jack, or, heck, both, had planned for the company when they were still alive in case things went downhill.

Now, how would Felix have died, you may be asking? Well, while Jack (hopefully) wouldn’t be willing to kill his own family, he might be willing to kill his business partner, who was responsible for the deaths of his two youngest children.

Jack killing Felix, only for Felix to possess Bon, would also explain why Bon is seemingly after Waltens, having killed Rosemary, Jack’s wife, and now being out for Sophie, his only remaining child.

Remember the line that Brian, a man killed by Bon in the very first episode, said?

i talk about the identity of a rabbit from a spooky vhs horror series for an absurd amount of time (The Walten Files Theory)

“He thought I was her.”

”He thought I was Sophie.”

Boy howdyyyy was that a long one. I'll very probably update this in the future, especially if this theory isn't immediately debunked upon episode 4's release.

Quick update:

So I apparently made an oopsie-whoopsie and forgot that Jack went missing before Felix (That is. if Felix went missing to begin with), as shown by Susan’s dialogue in Bunnyfarm.

“I find it weird that they opened the place even though Mr. Walten disappeared a few weeks ago.”

”Felix seems very concerned and worried too.”

So while this doesn’t completely disprove the “Felix = Bon” theory, it is probably some evidence against it.

CreditMartin Walls, the creator of The Walten Files

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07/19/2021 12:49 pm
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this is such a cool theory :DD i really like it but given the fact jack went missing before felix makes me think that its not cannon, but i also dont think felix is bon, im excited to see what martin walls has planned though
The Local Cryptid
07/19/2021 1:05 pm
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Thank you for the compliment!! Also yeah I totally agree that Jack going missing first kinda shoots it down hhhh
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