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If PMC Was In Real-Life

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Hohoho hello PMC, and welcome to a new blog.

If PMC was in real life.

You wake up, yawning, and stroll down your stairs. You plop yourself down in front of the TV and switch it on to check out the new submissions. You click on the blog channel, and begin to look at new submissions, nothing there takes your fancy. You check the popular channel, and still, nothing that takes your fancy.

You get up and stroll outside. You yawn, and check your mail. It seems someone has liked your submission and given you a compliment. You smile with pride. Beside your moderately big house, your neighbour, the popular guy, comes out of his mansion and says a quick hello before jetting off to work. You turn the other way, and your new level 1 member, coming out of his tiny wooden shack, greets you with a hearty hello then rushes off.

Then you see something. A skin thief, holding an exact copy of one of Leostereo’s skins. “He must’ve grabbed it from the deleted locker!” You think. You reach into your pocket then grab your phone. You call the mods. A few seconds later, a moderator car is hurtling down the road after the thief. You follow the car, and see it trap the thief in a dead end. Out jump Missmarifire and Charlizard. “Freeze, we have you surrounded!” Miss Marifire says. “Give us the skin!”.

Charlizard advances on the thief, holding handcuffs that gleam in the morning sun, while Missmarifire watches in approval. The thief’s expression is a mix of shock and anger. Charlizard takes the skin and cuffs the thief. The thief is pushed into the back of the car, and the copied skin is thrown into the trunk. The moderators drive away.

After that event, you just want to get to work. You get back to your house, start up your car then head for the submission building. You walk inside, and all the submissions on the homepage are displayed on a huge screen. Suddenly Repson walks into the building. Seeing that one of his blogs is on the homepage, you congratulate him then head off to the making area.

Once you reach the making area, you settle down to work. Today, you feel like making a skin, so you grab your pixel-brush and begin making. Once your skin is done, you throw it down the submission chute.

Then you see it. A person holding a butter texture pack! He throws it down the submission chute. You quickly alert the moderator on duty, The_Soup! She attaches a rope to the wall, then ties it onto her foot. She leaps down. Around five minutes later, she springs back up holding the texture pack.

The_Soup throws it down the spam chute, to go into the banned submission vault. The butter maker gets a warning, and he mutters something which sounds like “Stupid mods, my submission was perfect!”. The work day finishes, and you clock out to go to the chat.

Arriving in the chat room, full of users, you begin to talk to other people. You ask how people are doing, and they reply back. Most people are fine. You are talking to this one person, and you are deep in a conversation, when you spot Seska Rotan, watching the room and sipping some coffee.

Then someone bursts into the chat. Nothing unusual, until he yells, “CHECK OUT MY SERVER, FAKECRAFT.COM”. Seska Rotan gets down from the chair, and comes over to the server advertiser. “Now,” Seska says. “If you want to advertise a server, go to the server hall.” Seska gestures to a door that says server hall on it.

“NO” The advertiser yells. “I’LL ADVERTISE MY SERVER ANYWHERE I FRICKIN’ WANT!”. “Well then” Seska replies. He clicks his fingers, and two other chat moderators, Snowylips and _FoxHound_, walk over and grab the advertiser by the shoulders, then drag him off to the server hall. “I’m sorry, but you now have one infraction on your record” Seska says, as Snowy and Fox push the advertiser into the server hall.

After the kerfuffle in chat, you decide to end the day by checking out the forum building. You hop into your car, and drive to the forums building. You want to refresh yourself on the rules, so you don’t end up like the three people you have seen being punished today. You go into the announcements hallway, and see the rules room there.

After checking out the rules and refreshing your memory, you decide to have a browse. You enter the General Discussions hallway, to see what is new. Then you see it. An old room, at least two years old. You shrug it off at first, then notice someone entering the room. You peek your head inside, and gasp. The user is writing something on the screen! “Necropost!” You think.

You run to try and find a forum moderator. You stumble across KnobleKnives and Korigon. You tell them about the room and they follow you. They walk inside, and Kori pulls out a lock and chain. KnobleKnives drags out the necroposter, and Kori comes out and locks the room up. “Thanks for alerting us” Korigon says.

You drive home, and once you get home check your mail. It is packed with compliments for your skin! You turn on the TV, check the popular reel for skins, and hey presto! There is you skin!

Whew, thanks for reading!

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Oh, and Merry Christmas!


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10/07/2014 1:32 am
Level 49 : Master Demolitionist
The_Yakattack's Avatar
08/26/2014 3:52 pm
Level 33 : Artisan uwu
Ashfur4ever's Avatar
nice! however, i think you didnt string the oposers (rule braers) into the story as well, it seemed a little forced. i love the consept and it seemed really accurate as welll! nice work!
01/07/2014 9:15 pm
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
Danthec00lman's Avatar
12/26/2013 8:58 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Architect
--NECK--'s Avatar
this is awesome.... I want my mansion now
01/07/2014 9:15 pm
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
Danthec00lman's Avatar
Lol :D
12/26/2013 5:09 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Guard
-Baron's Avatar
Love dis
12/26/2013 5:18 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Demolitionist
KawaiiMiku's Avatar
This is probably the most creative story I've ever seen. If PMC was real, then the people in the anime hub (forums), we would all be talking about anime and skinning XD.
12/25/2013 11:43 pm
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
Danthec00lman's Avatar
I loved it! I wish I found you before!!! Sub + Diamond + Fav!!!
12/25/2013 11:30 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Taco
Pacmantacco's Avatar
This... this is what true beauty is!!!
12/25/2013 3:53 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Kittie's Avatar
You're such a good writer! This blog was great, and
definitely well thought out, too.
I loved the whole idea, it was very creative and fun to read.
Diamond and favorite for you, you deserved it! :)
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