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ImDeity Kingdoms

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Pescotti's Avatar Pescotti
Level 10 : Journeyman Modder
Minecraft Server Name: ImDeity Kingdoms
Server IP: mc.imdeity.com
Server Web-site: www.imdeity.com
Live Map: www.imdeity.com/map

Hello All.

My name is Pescotti and I need your help! An amazing server is slowing losing interest because of 1.3 update and school beginning for many of its players. I am here to tell you how amazing this server is, and for you to go try it out. ImDeity is a multi-world server.

Main World contain Kingdoms which is a towny based plugin but it much more user-friendly, created by the Server Developer, vanZeben. Here you can create a town invite friends set ranks and race to the top to be the best town.

Mining World. In the main world there are no ores to stop people from destroying the landscape. The mining world contains all ores, mineshafts, mobs spawners, etc. It is also reset frequently.

Creative World. Tired of Survival? This is your place! Here you can build anything (that is not inappropriate) with a simple command!

PvP World. The PvP World has been in beta for the last few months and finally the full release in coming out in about 2 weeks! With the full version, a player can use TnT, enchant, create factions, buy items from the Admin Shop. And the PvP economy will be separate from the Main World Economy.

Event World. This is where Server-Wide events take place! Fight or Spleef to win a prize! Every Wednesday @7pm EST and Saturday @ 4 EST!

As you can see just by showing you the different world this server has, you can already tell it's an amazing server! The community is very friendly, the staff is also very friendly and easy to get along with. If you're every bored just sitting there and playing by yourself join our TeamSpeak Server: ts.imdeity.com. This is where our staff and players are, when you're bored.

If you're not satisfied, read more at www.imdeity.com/wiki to get more of an idea of how this Server works!

Thank you for your time, Hope to see you on ImDeity!

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08/26/2012 10:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xdysfunkx's Avatar
Gave a diamond. Long time veteran. and this server is just great with a great community!
08/26/2012 10:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
KiddieWish's Avatar
I gave this a diamond.

Really cool server man from what I see, I'll join it today.
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