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Jealousy and Dealing with It

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Welcome Ladies and Gentleblocks to another blog. This is my first tutorial in cooperation with the Tutorial Association. Obviously, this isn't a Minecraft tutorial but I have quite an extensive one in the works. This is something that has been affecting me a lot recently, jealousy.


Jealousy has always been part of the human mind. It has been the cause of many disputes and confrontations over the years. It is also a normal emotion that all human minds feel and that sadly destroys all minds when it gets too powerful. Jealousy can be expressed in a variety of ways sometimes through violence but most of the time through depression or negative emotions.

You might get jealous over another person whose skills or talents are far more expansive and developed than your own, you might also get jealous over someone getting more attention than you are from either a group of people or a specific person. The problem is when you get a taste of attention or fame and then that is removed for a day or two, you feel like youo ve let them or even yourself down. You then get jealous of seeing a friend thato s getting that attention instead of you. It most commonly appears in human relationships and can be related to Romantic Jealousy, Sexual Jealousy and Work Jealousy.

As I previously mentioned, Platonic Jealousy (or the jealousy of friendships) is usually the most common and is probably the easiest to deal with. If youo re experiencing Romantic or Sexual jealousy then things can get trickier. Jealousy is, regrettably, here to stay as one of the complex and, quite honestly, depressing sides to the human eyes.

William Shakespeare (unsurprisingly) is a master of words and human thoughts. He calls Jealousy the o Green-eyed monstero of the human mind. Jealousy is a monster and will destroy but thankfully we can control it.


I like to share my personal experiences with my readers as I believe it gives a good example as to how the topic at hand can present itself. In the case of jealousy, I recently joined the school rugby team. Io ve never been apt at a sport because sadly Io m not that type of person and when I play (quite badly) amongst other players who are honestly ten times better than me, I get jealous. Io d give anything to be able to catch a ball properly or even throw it properly, sadly unless I practice a lot I doubt Io ll be able to.

Another form of jealousy Io ve recently experienced is that of friendship and attention. A lot of my close friends who I spend a lot of time with occasionally may not acknowledge my presence or even talk to me for a period of time and that honestly hurts me. I get jealous of the people they actually end up speaking to and then I begin to wonder if Io ve done something wrong or if Io m no longer good enough for them.

Io ve spent countless nights thinking of fixes for my inability to play sport or reasons for the lack of interest from my friends. In reality, Io m getting wound up over nothing. It is very difficult at times to overcome jealousy or ignore it. Here are some tips to overcoming it.


The best way to overcome it (in my opinion) is to distract yourself. If you are jealous of otherso sporting abilities, then try and change it and improve your own skills. If you are jealous of others getting attention rather than yourself, just think to yourself that o Io m not the centre of their world and theyo re allowed to talk to who they want. Why shouldno t I be able to talk to who I want either?o . If they are your friends and have been for a while and you know you haveno t done anything wrong then dono t fret over it because ito s probably nothing.

If you dono t change who you are then your friends will continue to like you and speak to you even if they dono t speak to you one day, it doesno t mean they dono t like you. If anything, use your jealousy as fuel to power your ambition. Strive to do better at things that you do and kick jealousy straight in the face. Make Jealousy pay for ever having screwed with your head. Prove it wrong and say o Nope, Chuck Testa.o


This blog was brought to you by The Tutorial Association.

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09/17/2012 3:28 pm
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09/17/2012 11:23 am
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pasta! i mean diamond
09/17/2012 2:38 pm
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09/17/2012 9:32 am
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Nice blog, you get a diamond :D
09/17/2012 4:09 am
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Just another amazing blog!!!
09/16/2012 10:49 pm
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What does this have to do with minecraft?
09/20/2012 12:41 am
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Well, there is ppl in servers who have diamonds and ppl who do npt have. And they are jealous, and this blog is about it.
09/20/2012 12:45 am
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this blog is about sports dude
09/20/2012 12:46 am
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and friendship, and jealousy. not about servers and diamonds
09/16/2012 10:16 pm
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I know this feeling well, believe me =w=
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