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halrold's Avatar halrold
Level 21 : Expert Geek
I'm not sure ENTIRELY how this works. Do I post just one idea or....

Well, I have no clue, so I'll just put in my 3 major ideas:


Spawn rate of villages go up! (Really depends on size and type of biome)
Villages spawn in biomes bigger than 4 chunks!
At least one village for a biome bigger than 4 chunks!
The bigger the biome is, the more villages!
Plains spawn the most villages (In the overworld)!
Ice plains and ice mountains spawn the least villages (In the overworld)!
Villages are at least far render distance away from each other!
End villages can only spawn 2 at most (I think the end is only 200 so blocks big...)!
Villages can be allied with each other (Not changeable in survival)
Different type of villages
Different occupation villages
Different golems for villages!

Villages can now spawn ANYWHERE except in the sky (As in the Overworld sky), and in bodies of water and lava.

All villages (except mushroom, nether, and end villages) have cobblestone walls.

Nether villages have nether stone (new block) walls.

There would be villages in all biomes, but are broken down into
Temperate Villages- The ones we have now, found in forests, plains, islands, and extreme hills (Extreme hill villages don't have farm plots though.) It can be any occupation (Explained later)
Winter villages- Similar to temperate villages, but no farms, and are made of spruce tree wood. Found in ice plains, taigas, and ice mountains. Can only be hunting or warring villages. (Explained later)
Jungle Villages- Found in Jungles. Has native villagers, a new mob. (Also explained later). Houses are may of jungle wood, and their farms (if present) have cocoa beans and only grow wheat and potatoes (without player), Can be farming/trade, hunting, warring, combo, aggressive, or empire.
Desert villages- Are temperate villages basically, but the structures are all sandstone (I believe this is already in Minecraft) Found in deserts. Can only be warring.
Swamp villages- Normal villages, but are half submerged in 1 block deep water (Only exception to the bodies of water) Found in swamps. Can be all occupations
Mushroom villages- Structures are made of mushroom. Found in mushroom islands. Can only be hunting.
Nether villages- Found in the end. Built of nether brick, the population of it is a mix of zombie pigmen and villagers (Although it seems that the pigmen are in charge) No golems. Can only be hunting or warring.
End village- Built of end brick (New block). Population is made of endermen. Can only be a special Ender occupation.

Occupations of villages
Farming/Trade- Made of passive farmers and traders. Have farm plots. Farming villages may differ from the biome they are in.
Hunting- Are armed, and will fight back (weak damage against players). Have hunters, who leave and enter the village as the please. They hunt all mobs (except for squids, villagers, zombie pigmen, and endermen.). Hunted mobs vary upon biome. All mobs drop heads (except Ghasts).

Fishing villages- Made of fishermen villagers, and are only found next to water sources larger than 10 blocks wide and 2 blocks deep.
Mixed- Mixture of Farming/Trade, Fishing and Hunting
Warring- Fights other villages that are within 400 blocks. Are able to conquer other villages and turn into an empire. Have warrior villagers, and can deal a lot of damage.
Ender- Are just endermen. They stack in random blocks in the back of the village. Blocks vary by rarity/value.

ALLIANCES- Villages may ally themselves with each other for a cause. Warring villages and empires will never ally themselves. Alliances cannot be broken due to a player.

EMPIRE- A warring village can turn into a empire by conquering another village, regardless of occupation. Empires can grow bigger indefinitely, theoretically.

Flags- Each village/alliance/empire will have a randomly generated flag. No two flags are the same. This flag is made of colored wool (Including white), and is not flammable in the Nether (only the naturally spawned ones) and ender-proof in the End (again, only naturally spawned ones. Flags are 2x1x2 (lengthXwidthXheight). Players can break them, but it does not change the village. When a warring/empire conquers a village, the village's original flag will be replaced by the conquerors' flag. There are over 30,000 combinations.

Villager job types:

Farmer- The green, unimplemented ones we have now, carries a hoe, can harvest the wheat/turn into bread

Merchant- A villager who has the most variety of goods, blue robe

Hunter- Wears leather armor, carriers a bow and has a stone sword (can change weapons), can pickup mob drops, can hunt mobs (All mobs except pigmen, other villagers {Unless attacked}, squids, and endermen). Will fight back (usually unsuccessfully) against attacking players and NPC villagers.

Fishermen- Walks around in water most of the time, with a fishing rod and may take out a sword to kill a squid. Collects fish and ink sacs. Wears leather pants.

Builder- Carries axe/pickaxe and building material (varies by biome). Collects resources to expand village. Will continue to expand village until nearby sources are depleted/builders are killed/population reaches 100 villagers in a single village. Orange robe.

Butcher- Hunters (If present) will give them raw meat, and will give them back cooked meat.

Librarian- No use other than trade. No change from the ones now

Priest- No use other than trade and enchantments. No change from now.

Blacksmith- Can repair items.

Warrior- Wears iron armor. Carries a iron sword and is quite hard for an average player. Will fight if attacked or if town is stolen from or damaged. Can mount onto a horse (NEW MOB)*

Knight- Wears mixture of diamond and iron armor. Carries enchanted diamond sword. Very hard to kill. Same aggression as warriors. Can mount onto a horse.*

Archer- Wears chain armor. Carries a bow and arrow, and a stone sword. Hard to kill at long ranges. Same aggression as warriors. Can mount onto a horse*

Lord- The owner/ruler of the village. Wears a golden robe (may interfere with other mods) and a crown. A figurehead. If taken over by another village, the lord will stay.

*varies by biome

Types of villagers

Normal villager- The ones we have now. No change.

Artic villagers- Wears cold gear leather armor. Slightly weaker than regular villagers.

Desert villager- Wears less armor. Movement is slightly slower.

Jungle Villagers/Natives- Wears little armor. Slightly faster than regular villagers. Neutral until attacked.

Nether Villagers- If armored, is fire resistant. All carry fire resistance potions. Apparently controlled by zombie pigmen.

New armor:

Cold gear leather armor.

Protects player from cold temperatures in snowy biomes.


Thirst and internal temperature

Player will die of thirst if they do not find water. Players can drink from buckets, bottles, and if their head is underwater.

Playerso now are effected by temperature. In the desert, their temp. rises, causing thirst and hunger to deplete faster. In cold biomes, like taigao s, while thirst slows down, hunger depletes the faster. If player stays out to long exposed, theyo ll start taking damage, depending on biome and how exposed. In worst condition, unexposed, theyo ll take 3 hearts a second.

To prevent this, in the desert, players should wear less armor. In cold biomes, wear cold gear leather armor and stay near fires.


Only change to the current buildings

*Sorry, lost most of the work XD*

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01/26/2013 10:18 am
Level 21 : Expert Geek
halrold's Avatar
Well. That was pretty disappointing. 48th place. Oh well...At least I got into the finalists.
04/28/2014 12:13 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
VannilaDucks's Avatar
40th place. ACCTUALLY
01/25/2013 11:16 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Ranger
Darklordian's Avatar
My ideas on this: (

Some great add-ons and ideas in there, please read 'em!

This is a great idea by the way!
01/25/2013 7:29 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Meme
Beta_Alpha's Avatar
No originality, so you should've expected to get 48th place. My personal opinion is that this would change Minecraft too much. I wouldn't even want this as a mod. I like the derpy little villagers they have now. Feuding villages would make everything too complicated, since your main quest is to A. Survive, and B. Kill the Ender Dragon. This would cause way too much sidetracking.
01/25/2013 3:47 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Mage
awsomeinater's Avatar
Not much originality BUT still an amazing idea. and sorry for you losing some of the work :(
01/25/2013 10:14 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Hunter
bagheera1's Avatar
How is this in the top 50?!
01/25/2013 4:02 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
DARTHCJ117's Avatar
thirst ftw
02/09/2013 12:13 pm
Level 47 : Master Pixel Painter
jl70l7u's Avatar
01/23/2013 6:37 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
minemaster121's Avatar
good idea but i dont like idea about thirst we already have food bar (i hate the food bar)
01/23/2013 2:32 am
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
earo44's Avatar
Really, delete this and go get ExtraBigAssVillages mod.
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