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Lattie's Art - 2019

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avatar LatitudeNorth
Level 28 : Expert Musician
Hey hey hey, me again! As you may know, I've already posted an art blog on here before, but 2018 is over, and I thought I'd start fresh! Below are my works from 2018, better categorized for your viewing pleasure.


Ergo! As seen on her 2019 ref sheet.

smth experimental wee

Concept designs for an askblog about a weird cult for a novakid called elmo. Check it out here.

Just Feste being pleasant, and happy! For once.
My new character, Kahay! She's less of a Theta character and just a character for a roleplay I'm in!

A drawing of a friend's oc, Tick's Armor. Neat, right?

AU where Feste and Zillaar are partners in crime and Feste always goes the extra mile for opening attacksConcept for Fairuz's symbolic aging process that turns her into a bigot and kind of a chaotic neutral than a lawful evil. She really sees the world different after getting old. She kind of goes from this aggressive freedom fighter, to this rebel dictator, to just kind of the town's least favorite grandma.Also: Fairuz said trans rights!!!Dumb reaction image because my friends were talking about Steven Universe BOHAM. We all cried, then we sipped the tears of our friends that watched it later than us.Some concepts for an animatic, with Feste, and Queen music!How Fairuz (wastes) her time in the afterlifeAn old character reimagined.My DnD character Pagura! She's a water genasi with strangely fire-like wind powers.A rare moment of peace for Amya.Art concepts of Fairuz' current and post-story designs. They're a bit rough, but they do their job!I also did this for Ilia, which was fun!

Steven Universe

Neat little icons I made for Ray, Cinnabar, and Wulfenite.

Outfit references for Wulfenite!

My new Gem, Ruby Raven Aura Quartz, or Ray for short! They emerged late after Pink Diamond's shattering, and just wants to know why they exist.

My first real gemsona, Owyhee Jasper, getting a proper Crystal Gems outfit!

Rough shot at another old gem, Bayldonite.

I'm starting to lose my touch w/ Medibang, but I really like drawing Hauyne when I'm bored.

A redraw of my art trade with black_stagbeetle on instagram!

My new gem, Anatase!

Some fusion designs of my gemsonas.

Quick Arts

Wulfenite, Seraphinite, and Owyhee before any of them rebelled

Silly aggie.io doodles of Chambers and Hauyne whee

Fun doodles from AADD and a nuru in the background wee

Cakebird.exe has stopped working

Some Aggie.io drawings with me and my friends

Pixel Art

The very first thing I drew when I got my tablet. It's Feste!


CreditThereisnosam and Mitt (aggie.io

3 Update Logs

13 February 2019 : 02/14/2019 1:16:52 amFeb 14th

Some Theta, some Steven Universe, just generally good stuff. I think.

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These are beautiful~!
  • IshSleeepyy
  • Level 44
  • Master Princess
  • January 21, 2019, 7:14 am
living for this
I've honestly never understood how people can make such great pixel art. All of the art is really good, Great work :P
  • enuoia
  • Level 24
  • Expert Narwhal
  • January 14, 2019, 9:00 am

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