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Legacy of the Clans | Ep.1: SilverStream's Death

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avatar Annihilate-
Level 9 : Apprentice Dragon

Blood still laid on the battlefeild as night obeyed light. WolfStar sat down on the rock seeing the fight end with only few warriors from all clans survive. All of the cats and troops got carried back to clan, steps making noise would lure a predator to bay, silently they ran back to WolfClan. The trees whistled with crackling noises and rain fell down on the earth rehydrating all life and plant kind on earth. Silverstream padded back, with StarClan following his foes of wind. The three StarClan cats sighed and looked to the sky "Silverstream, you're the deputy, miserably, Nineteen cats went in a horrible way, crushed by Scourage's claws, in our neighbouring clan. Death may await, organise a party next Week, to get him. He is not a nice way to die to, sometimes shoving deathberries fell in the mouths of his foes. We BELIVE in you Silverstream." Silverstream Bowed and nodded in agreement. -A WEEK LATER- Agonizing screams came from the forest, under Scourage's claws SilverStream was. The agonizing screams got louder but no one noticed. After, SilverStream was dead in a horrible way to go away from earth. CHAPTER TWO - STARCLAN BE WITH YOU His bodys soul rise, and he became one with Starclan (IDENTITY BELOW) He flicked his head "Continue being who you are. I. DONT. CARE." -MORE COMING SOON-

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  • Annihilate-
  • Level 9
  • Apprentice Dragon
  • November 19, 2016, 10:42 pm
This is bad and i am NOT continuing this

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