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Legends of Mintow

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avatar HorseMeadow
Level 1 : New Explorer
S1 E2 For a horse!.

"I'll be going to find a new horse, Ruby and Shadow please behave" I left the horses in their stall and walked out the back door of my castle but the royal pig, Squishy was following me, I do not want Squishy getting hurt but this pig was wanting to get out.

This pig is royal because they were on the land while I was building the castle meaning the pig stayed in the castle yard before it built and stayed on the land. I decided to get another saddle and a rod with carrot to ride this pig. We then went outside and closed the gate behind us to look for a good horse but despite it being day a skeleton shot us, I quickly hopped off Squishy and destroyed the skeleton with my iron sword, Squishy was not okay, Squishy was hurt.

I forgot I had splash potions in a chest that would heal, well I rode Squishy untill we found some horses, there was even a donkey there and I thought that the donkey would make good storage when traveling, I tamed the donkey with a saddle, I have not given it a name and I was going to give it a chest later.

Later it started to get dark and there was monsters chasing us, I had to quickly find and mount the donkey due to only having a bit of heath left, I was almost killed a creeper but it killed a wild horse instead, with only about a heart left I found the donkey I had tamed, I quickly hopped on it and ran towards my castle as fast as I could, I had to leave Squishy behind.

In the morning I left the donkey in my Castle yard and sprinted to where I left Squishy who was okay but not very happy I left them behind, I explained to Squishy what happened they were like "okay then" well the pig only oinked, I had another saddle and searched for a horse until I found a brown one with a black mane, it took me a while to tame it but it finally gave up and agreed to become a part of my team, the horse snorted, I hopped on the lovely feisty horse and gave it a saddle, I got off the horse and put it on a lead.

I went to Squishy and got on the pig and rode it towards my castle, a few times I had to put the horse back on a lead but we were now at the castle, it was getting a little dark and the sun was setting, I didn't want to lose Squishy, I ignored the fact the lead snapped and dashed for the castle but 4-6 Zombies followed us in.
CreditImage not from my game, image shows what the new horse looks like.

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