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Map Uploading Update

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avatar Lucargia
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
Now the Airport map update didn't come at the planned time :( but I am still working on many other maps for the future so I wanted to do a teaser just cause school...makes me to busy to work on stuff so it could be a few months tell I get any of this out:
Horror map (Not telling details but will be hidden in the airport map update for you to find (WARNING: CREATIVE/GOING INTO REDSTONE ON THE MAP NEEDED TO FIND THEM sorry)

The long awaited Mob Survival 3 that was officially confirmed recently which details on that are...its gonna be a sequel to mob survival 2 (duh) and it will includes using 1.7 features, new mobs WAY BIGGER ARENA new modes,tools and challenge modes

Jump to Win! (Thought I forgot about that huh?) Well it is still slowly being worked on slowly, all I can say is that it is being worked on

The other long awaited adventure map I announced like a year ago but it wont be using the same image/idea that I announced see I was working on it with a guy named gorillaz_101 and he retired from pmc to do youtube and I haven't heard from him in ages so it was cancelled and allowed to be seen by less then 5 people this will be using a story made by a friend of mine Neptonic a long time ago so I will finally make it lol no other info on this yet.

Alas this concludes are map teaser thingy now don't worry other ideas are on the way and all ideas of them are stored on a huge pass coded file on my computer untill they are ready to be announced
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