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Mass Deletion: Why Mods Hate You

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Zaralith's Avatar Zaralith
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Greetings fellow members of Planet Minecraft. Firstly, you need to know that the Moderators do not hate you. Some of you may find yourselves suddenly lacking a number of submissions that you may have had for weeks, or even months, only to wonder what moderator is hating on you and why they choose now to do so. I am here to clear up some confusion and hurt that you may have regarding this mass moderation process and why it happens.

The biggest reason that mass moderation happens is because you have posted several things that either need to be changed or removed because they are against the rules or no longer welcome (x-ray packs are an example of the latter) as valid submissions on Planet Minecraft. The reason that it happens all at once is that most moderators will find your account when one of your submissions is reported. Usually the examination of your account comes from that lovely little window at the bottom of every submission that shows 2 random uploads that you made, and if that pair of items includes something that needs moderation, we will usually look at all of your submissions at that point. Another reason to have your entire account examined is if there are a number of reports made against your submissions, and I am speaking multiple submissions, not many reports on a single submission, and the reports are found true. If this happens, we usually find many more submissions that are in need of removal. The biggest cause of this is usually stolen skins.

Another reason that may warrant a look into your account is if you are being unnecessarily rude or hostile towards other members or the mods. Yes, bad-mouthing the mods does get your account looked at more often, because that is the sort of thing that brings people to our attention in a negative light. I have had to remove submissions from people who were flaming constantly, as well as upstanding members, so that is not the only reason. Remember that just because you are not hating on people in the forums and blogs does not mean that content that is against the rules will not be reported eventually.

A word on the blog section, and why so many blog posts will most likely be removed, is that there is a very small set of acceptable items in the blog section. Posting a request for people to help build something, host a server, or hyping your latest build belongs in the forums. If I examine the categories allowed in the blog section, I find the following.

  • Art: For Minecraft related art that you would like to share. This is a great way to get critique, and respect towards the artist is expected just like on any other site. Stolen art will not be allowed.

  • Article: This is for posting of articles, such as this one, or my pre-release info series that petered out, or for similar articles. Not for flaming or the like.

  • Comic: For Minecraft related comics that you created. This is separate from the art category

  • Interview: This is for transcripts of interviews that were done between yourself and someone else, such as if I were to interview Cyprezz about what he feels is important to the site.
  • Let's Play: This is for logging a let's play, not asking for people to join one, there is a section on then forums for that. You may post your let's play videos to a blog post using this, but they must be created by you, not posting the latest Yogcast video.
  • Review: This is for intelligent reviews of Servers, Mods, and other submissions on the site. This is not a place to say that server xyz sucks and is full of dicks, this is a place to post an honest opinion. Most people will not need this. Disclaimer: There are no official or PMC sanctioned server reviewers and reviewing a server does not require OP access.

  • Story: This is where you would post Minecraft related stories and fan fiction. Remember to keep it appropriate.
  • Tutorial: This would be the place to post a tutorial on how to do something, from making spheres by hand, to running a Bukkit server with all the latest plugins.
  • Other: This is for all other information, such as how your cat bit your computer cord the other day, to that awesome idea that you had for a real life Minecraft castle made of legos. Remember that you must still remain appropriate while posting on PMC.

The reason that I give this list, is that almost all traffic in the Blog section is from submissions that are better served in the forums on the site. Please check the forums for questions or problems that you have, not the blogs. The blog section is for sharing things, not for asking for help.

Back to the issue of having your crap deleted. The moderators do not actively seek out submissions that are old in the different sections of the site, because removing all of the items that are against the rules and were posted 6 months ago would take forever. Our primary focus is with the submissions that pour into the site every day, which is more than 1000 items a day on many days. This does not mean that we will not remove a submission that breaks the rules when we find it in passing, regardless of age, this simply means that we are not hunting through the old submissions looking for something to delete.

Please accept this explanation that it is not your fault (mostly) that we are removing your old submissions or a large portion of your uploads, we do this to maintain the integrity of the site. I have had countless members tell me after I removed their submission that they have seen many others who have done the exact same thing and gotten away with it. The answer to that question for every person on this site is this, report those other people so that they do not get away with it either. Do not get mad and flame at us, we are only doing what has been agreed between the moderators as best for the site, which is what we were chosen for, and the reason that you joined was because you saw how good the quality of the collected work was. Please help us keep that quality and if you realize that you have a submission that is against the rules, please help us and take it down yourselves. I have more respect for a lvl 1 who lost all their levels because they removed their stolen uploads than someone who is level 50 from spamming. Thank you.

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Swag Lord
11/25/2014 1:43 pm
Level 28 : Expert Network
Swag Lord's Avatar
Some moderators correctly do their job, and some just can't handle the power.
10/17/2014 4:04 pm
Level 21 : Expert Dragon
DragonsForce's Avatar
Great blog, decided to make one from the users perspectif: What users should do, if their submissions get deleted. Hope this can prevent a bit of work for you moderators.
Le Pain
06/07/2013 9:38 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
Le Pain's Avatar
What anime is that picture from? (Sorry off the topic :P)
06/08/2013 3:48 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Zaralith's Avatar
No idea, found it on the Googles
05/07/2013 5:58 pm
Level 44 : Master Wolf Whisperer
ImaLittleCreeper's Avatar
Zaralith please check you PM I sent you, thanks (you were offline when I sent this)
05/08/2013 8:55 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Zaralith's Avatar
I will look. You don't need to comment on things for people to be notified of the PM though.
05/08/2013 9:25 pm
Level 44 : Master Wolf Whisperer
ImaLittleCreeper's Avatar
Oh Ok sorry.
03/02/2013 12:53 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Toast
sigurd4's Avatar
a lot of people is uploading a lot of stuff they have not made, and no-one notices anything, but if i upload my skin-pack i used like a half year to make, i get banned for 2 weeks just some few minutes after i posted it!


(its a long time ago, though...)
03/03/2013 11:28 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Zaralith's Avatar
The number of submissions that come in to the site are so large that we cannot possibly look at every single one all the time to prevent theft and other nefarious activity. Items that are reported are dealt with as the community finds information, which is how the majority of stolen or disallowed work is found. If your skin pack included skins that you had already posted here, it was not allowed.
01/23/2013 7:17 pm
Level 46 : Master Modder
fragmen52's Avatar
Spamming noobs are so annoying one person uploaded like 20 mods that weren't his and they were pushing my mods I take sometimes hours on down so I FLAGED it and they were all deleted :D but iv also got biggish mods removed for spam when there are 1000s of simple crafting recipe mods Also diamond
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