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McEdit Tutorials! Name Things In Color!

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Hello PMCers!

Today I will be showing you how to make custom things with McEdit. If the videos and Descriptions don't help you then this will! Here are some FAQ:

What is Mcedit, and how do I get it?

McEdit is a way to edit your Minecraft Game, and Make Custom Stuff! The most easy way to get it is to search it up on your Search (I got mine off Google).

Can McEdit Corrupt My World?

Yes, but only If you have a world open in Minecraft and McEdit at the same time, also it will warn you as soon as you open Mcedit.

Is it really worth downloading?

If you want Custom Named Items, Mobs with Blocks On their head, and much more!

Tutorial 1. What You Will Need:

Regular Minecraft



Step 1: Open up the Selected Word

Step 2: Put Down a Chest

Step 3: Put The Item You Want Changed In The Chest

Step 4: Save and Quit Then Open McEdit

Step 5: Select The Chest (Looks like a piece of stone)

Step 6: Hit Filter (The pitcher at the bottom)

Step 7: Search Through The Filters for Modify Item Strings

Step 8: Write What You Want name and the colors!

Step 9: Hit Filter, the hit Ctrl S to save it, exit out McEdit

Step 10: Check the chest In Minecraft There Is Your Renamed Items!

Tutorial 2. What you will need:

Regular Mineraft



(Optional) Invincible.py

Step 1: Open up the Selected World

Step 2: Put Down A Chest

Step 3: Put the Trades In The Chest, What You're Giving Him On The Top and What He's Giving You On The Bottom.

Step 4: Save And Quit Then Open McEdit

Step 5: Select the Chest

Step 6: Hit Filter

Step 7 Search up Create Shops

Step 8: Pick the Villager you want and Hit Infinite Trades (Good So He Won't Run Out)

Step 8.5: If You Downloaded Invincability, Pick That One (Invincability Lasts 3 Years)

Step 9: Hit Filter, Ctrl S, and Quit McEdit

Step 10: There should be a villager there.

Tutorial 3 (The Best Yet). What you will need:

Regular Minecraft


End Portal

Chunks Loaded In The End

Step 1: Close down the world that you have End Chunks In

Step 2: Open McEdit

Step 3: Go To The End and Select The Bedrock And Fire Block (Ender Crystal)

Step 4: Hit Copy

Step 5: Go To The Overworld

Step 6: Find the area you want it at and hit Paste

Step 7: Ctrl S Close, and You Will Have An Ender Crystal In The Overworld!

*Warning* The Ender Crystal Is Still Fragle

Extra Help:

Where do get and add the .py folders?

You download them from Sethbling.com, and you put them in the filters folders inside the Mcedit(Random Stuff) folder.

Thank you for reading this,

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Thank you This Is My First Blog On Pop Reel!

I will be doing Mobs Next Week
CreditSethbling for making McEdit

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02/16/2014 11:57 am
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Any way to have one word bold and another one underlined? same goes for colors!
12/25/2014 11:36 pm
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_BluKreepr101_'s Avatar
Hi jak! Yes, u can; format it HERE
08/23/2013 11:35 am
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08/23/2013 11:33 am
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wow, thanks!
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