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Medieval Building Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Heeeey Planetminecrafters!

Winners are announced here:



We are no longer accepting entries for this contest!
Congratulations to everyone who submitted to this contest, it could not have finished without your amazing work!

As of right now, Drotth (check out his profile, he's awesome :D) and I will be judging the entries as stated in the description below.
FYI: I am away at a school trip all week so I will get my half done on the weekend!

All I can ask is that you wait patiently until we pick the best 5 out of the 11 posts.
After the TOP 5 are announced, we will choose the TOP 3.

Please be patient as we work to give you results ASAP.
Thanks again!


I know I am kind of late on this, however, I am glad to know that I have 50 + 1 SUBSCRIBERS!

I just wanted to thank all of the PMC community for all the support they have given me throughout my time on this website. A lot of you are really amazing people and I wish I could get to know all of you so much more! I honestly think it's amazing how there are 50 people who like what I do and want to see more of it. That's some great motivation :D

Moreover, if you like my submissions and want to see more, then please Subscribe to me. It's the best way to keep up with all my new and updated projects and skins.

If you are currently making an entry, tell me in the comments so I can add you to the list of participants.

Get the World Download at the Project Post

Medieval Building Contest World Download

Contest Description

Participants will have to build ONE medieval building within the marked square in the map. You can use any blocks you want to use, however, you must abide by the "medieval" theme. If it does not look medieval, then you won't get any extra points.
Of course, there are many designs out there for all types of medieval buildings. You will be judged on your:
Concept and Originality: Make a plan of what you will build. Take your time and put effort into your entry.
Technique and Execution: Make sure to pay attention to detail and the overall project.
Presentation: Make your project shine with nice pictures and description.

Contest Rules

1. Use of WorldEdit and Creative Mode is allowed.
2. Your building must be within the marked square.
3. Your building must be as high as you want, however, the architecture has to make sense. (Don't make a very very tall house. etc)
4. You cannot "repost" or "update" a previous submission for this contest.
5. Your entry must be yours and not a copy of anyone else's medieval buildings.
6. You can work with a team if you like, however, they must recognize that you are the leader and you will be the one to post the entry. It's nice to give the rest of your team credit as well.
7. No imported schematics, no mods that introduce new blocks to Vanilla Minecraft.
8. You can use a custom texture pack. Make sure to give credit where it's needed.
9. If your entry is not in by the due date, then it will not be accepted.
10. Favorite this post to keep yourself updated on the due date and any other changes that may occur.
Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a disqualification of your entry. (You don't have to follow #10 if you don't want to)

I will allow the use of a custom texture pack or any texture pack.
Just make sure to post a download or a link for that texture pack so the judges can see it.
Pictures WITH your texture pack is good too :)

How to Start Building

1) Download this world.
2) Use WinZip or Winrar to open the archive.
3) Drag the save file into your .minecraft/saves folder.
4) Build your structure on the map.

How to Submit an Entry

  1. Finish building your structure.
  2. Go to your .minecraft folder and then open your saves folder.
  3. Find your world save and right click it.
  4. If you have WinRar then there is the option "Add to archive..."
  5. Click that to make a .rar or .zip of this world.
  6. Upload that to Mediafire for everyone to download.
  7. Go to the "Projects" section of PMC and click Upload your Own Project.
  8. In the title, mention this contest and post a link back to the blog.
  9. Finally, comment below or on the blog stating that you have made an entry and post a link to your project.
  10. Name your project like so: (name of project) [Eratheon's Contest].

An example:
Morian Windmill [Eratheon's Contest]


1st Place: Subscription from me. Place of recognition on the Winners Blog and (optional) a personal skin made by me. Your SigCard will be on my Forum Signature for 1 week.
2nd Place: Subscription from me and (optional) personal skin made by me. Place of recognition on the Winners Blog.
3rd Place: Place of Recognition on the Winners Blog and an optional personal skin made by me.

Can't wait to see all of your entries!

Current Contest Entries

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by Eratheon 10/06/2012 6:18:54 pmOct 6th, 2012

Winners are added at this post:


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10/08/2012 9:48 am
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
tarek123456789's Avatar
my friend blew my dungeon up on LAN :(
10/08/2012 10:20 am
Level 43 : Master Zombie
Eratheon's Avatar
10/06/2012 5:32 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Spider Rider
shinysword's Avatar
so they should bein around (Now)>?
10/06/2012 5:46 pm
Level 43 : Master Zombie
Eratheon's Avatar
Working on it as you speak :)
10/04/2012 6:32 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
ronn55555's Avatar
Im patiently waiting for the results
10/05/2012 5:35 pm
Level 43 : Master Zombie
Eratheon's Avatar
I know you all are and I thank you for being patient. I just got back from my school trip an hour ago so I will hopefully be posting the results today or tomorrow!

Sorry again for the late results!

<3 you all :)
09/26/2012 7:51 am
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
ronn55555's Avatar
you kinda forgot to put another 'n' in my name
09/30/2012 8:35 pm
Level 43 : Master Zombie
Eratheon's Avatar
Oh I did? Sorry, I'll fix it!
09/30/2012 9:01 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
ronn55555's Avatar
Its alright its a common mistake people make with my name :D
09/25/2012 6:39 pm
Level 43 : Master Zombie
Eratheon's Avatar
Feel free to discuss who's post you think should make the:
- Top 5
- Top 3
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