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Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Bastion Remnant Piglin Brute Showcase

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avatar Shireen
Level 70 : Legendary Pokemon
Piglins Brutes are a new hostile mob that spawn Bastion Remnants in the the Nether (they were added to in Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Java in snapshot 20w27a).

Piglins Brutes will attack players with gold axes and their gold arm guard acts as armour which is why they do not spawn wearing armour. Unlike Piglins they are tougher to kill, they do not drop items or armour upon death and they do not respawn after being killed.

Piglin Brutes attack players with gold axes, even when players are wearing gold armour, holding gold items or blocks. They do not get distracted by gold. Like Piglins, Piglins Brutes also transform into Zombified Piglins after 15 seconds, if they enter the Overworld.
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