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Minecraft 1.18 | Technical Changes

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Welcome to the second installment of the tech changelog! This blog will give you an overview of all the technical changes for all the data pack creators, redstoners and other nerds in the Minecraft community.


  • Removed length limits for scoreboard, score holder and team names!
  • Added a simulation distance setting. This allows you to render more chunks, without ticking them for increased performance. Note that entities and (redstone) blocks will remain frozen if outside everyone's simulation distance.
  • World generation is now from -64 to 320 (compared to 0 and 255)
  • The "illageralt" font (only accessible by commands) is rune-like and similar to a font used in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • New video setting “Chunk Builder”, which defines which chunk sections are updated first ("Nearby" being the original behavior).
  • Minecraft can now utilize more than 7 CPU cores, which is useful for high-end computers.
  • Added a setting for audio output device.
  • Added fall_from_height and ride_entity_in_lava advancement triggers.
  • New loot table function set_potion
  • Allow Server Listings option to prevent your name from appearing in the popup that appears when you hover over the player count in the multiplayer menu.
  • Servers have a new hide-online-players option to disable broadcasting player lists all together.


  • Minecraft now uses Java 17. If you use the default launcher, this is installed automatically. Custom launchers must provide updated support or you might have to install Java 17 manually.
  • There were some changes to block ticking. It should work as normal, but there is a chance that certain redstone creations break.
  • Data pack version changed to 8.
  • Resource pack format changed to 8.
  • Cloud levels changed from 128 to 192.
  • View distance now renders chunks in a circle instead of a square.
  • Loot table functions set_contents and set_loot_table now require type field with valid block entity type
  • Spawner data changes
    • Spawners now support the custom_spawn_rules NBT in the SpawnData field and the SpawnPotentials list
    • custom_spawn_rules currently may contain fields block_light_limit and sky_light_limit - both are integer ranges with fields min_inclusive and max_inclusive
    • To make SpawnPotentials format similar to other weighted lists, structure was changed to {weight: <int>, data: <previous contents without 'Weight', 'Entity' renamed to 'entity'>}
    • To accommodate that change, previous contents of SpawnData were moved to SpawnData.entity (making format of that field same as elements of SpawnPotentials.data)
  • nether_travel advancement trigger changed: "entered" condition has been changed to "start_position" and "exited" has been removed (it was identical to player.location).
  • light and barrier particles have been replaced by block_marker. The new particle lets you specify a block id and renders a texture specified in the "particle" field of a block model.


  • Worlds created before 1.2 can no longer be converted. They must be converted using 1.16 first, before doing a secondary conversion to 1.18.


  • When the default output device changes, Minecraft sounds would stop working.

Minecraft 1.18 | Technical Changes
Minecraft 1.18 | Technical Changes

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01/18/2023 12:38 am
Level 29 : Expert Crafter
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I know its probably really belated, but thank you for this! I was MIA when 1.18 came out and starting to look back into making stuff and its so noice to find blogs like this.
06/01/2022 11:53 am
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12/19/2021 4:50 pm
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Gamingbarn avatar
Thanks, this was very helpful.
12/04/2021 5:03 am
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CC and CB Official
CC and CB Official avatar
Useful info for 1.18!
12/01/2021 11:14 amhistory
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Stack
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Thank you OptimalFlash, mysticaldream69, PsioPsia001, FishStacks, Europe, DaniAdler, PMC, Cib, Chimerabot, StingProductions, Adrestio, GalaxiumNation, Vellariya, pettyGamingHD, CC and CB Official, ThorsMaps, GamingBarn, Alex_the_pigmaster, User4106692G and Applecake_ for the diamonds!
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