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Minecraft 1.4.2 Update


Minecraft 1.4.2 Update

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Level 39 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Mojangs well known game Minecraft has been evolving ever since it first came out in 17th of May 2009. Now there are over 7,895,793 people have bought the game so far. Whats new in the latest update of Minecraft


  • Improved server list
    • Server IPs can now be hidden individually when editing or adding a server
    • Server version is now displayed left of the connection bars
    • Server ping tooltip now shows if the server and client have mismatching protocol versions
    • Mismatching servers can't be joined

  • Improved settings menu
    • Renamed Chat Settings to Multiplayer Settings
    • Added an option for cape-owners to hide their capes in-game
    • Added Fullscreen and VSync toggles
    • Though this is not in the settings menu, you may go into the options.txt in %appdata% and toggle advancedToolTips. This shows you the item IDs of everything and the durability of tools and armor.

  • Improved F3 mode
    • The piechart is now shown when using shift+F3 instead of vice versa
    • Added the cardinal direction and the degree value to the f value indicating the direction the player is facing
    • Now shows which chunk and where in that chunk the player is in on X and Z values
    • Pressing P while holding F3 will toggle the auto-pause when the Minecraft window loses focus
    • Pressing H while holding F3 will toggle detailed item descriptions, which additionally show item id, damage value, color code, tool/armor/weapon damage and map zoom level and scale on the tooltip

  • Updated language files

  • Improved Multiplayer
    • Spawn protection now is disabled if there's nothing in ops.txt
    • Spawn protection radius can now be changed in the server.properties file

  • Improved Creative inventory
    • Items can now be cloned by using Pick Block on them - An item stack with the highest amount of items possible in it will be created
    • Items can now be shift-clicked around on the survival inventory screen

  • Improved General inventory
    • Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will exchange that item with the one from the corresponding hotbar slot
    • Status effects now cause the inventory window to be off-center regardless of screen aspect ratio

  • Added & improved a few commands
    • Added /difficulty command to change difficulty[1]
      • /difficulty 0 = peaceful
      • /difficulty 1 = easy
      • /difficulty 2 = normal
      • /difficulty 3 = hard

    • Toggling PvP[2]
    • Added /spawnpoint to change your own or other players' spawnpoint to where you are standing or to specified coordinates
      • /spawnpoint <player> <x> <y> <z>

    • Added /w, an alias for /tell
    • Added /weather to change the current weather and optionally set the duration for the new weather
      • /weather [clear | rain | thunder] <time>

    • Added /gamerule <gamerule> <true/false> to look up and change gamerules regarding Command Block output
      • /gamerule doFireTick - Whether fire should spread
      • /gamerule doMobLoot - Whether mobs should drop items
      • /gamerule doMobSpawning - Whether mobs should naturally spawn
      • /gamerule doTileDrops - Whether blocks should have drops (does not work for paintings)
      • /gamerule keepInventory - Whether the player should keep items in their inventory if they die.
      • /gamerule mobGriefing - Whether creepers, endermen and withers should be able to change blocks.

    • Added /clear to clear a specified player's entire inventory or remove only one block/item from it
    • Changed /xp so it can be used to give and take entire experience levels by appending "L" to the number
    • Changed /tp to work with relative coordinates

  • Added command target selectors[3][4][5]
    • Available selectors:
      • @p - Closest player
      • @a - All players
      • @r - Random player

    • Can have arguments specified in [] using the syntax x=0, where x is the argument
    • Available arguments:
      • x,y,z - Coordinates
      • r - Range
      • m - Gamemode
      • l - Minumum experience level
      • lm - Maximum experience level
      • rm - Minimum range

    • Special argument only usable with @a:
      • c - the maximum count of players to return. Numbers below 0 will make it return the last x amount of entries

  • Updated the sound engine
  • Improved Portals
    • Mobs, items and projectiles now pass through them, preserving momentum[6][7][8]
    • Entities will pass through instantly, but at a longer "cooldown"[9]
    • Portals will allow fire burning entities like blazes to leave the Nether and potentially burn things[10]
    • Portals will teleport an entity relative to where it entered[11][12]
    • Players are now positioned correctly when going through Nether Portals
    • Nether Portals are now instant for players in Creative mode

  • Improved Adventure mode
    • Blocks can now be mined with the proper tools
    • Blocks can now be placed

  • Improved Breeding
  • You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village[14]
  • Added & changed many minor things
    • Added Boss Names above boss health bars
    • Experience is now awarded for fishing and breeding
    • Worlds can now be re-created from the world selection screen
    • Changed many items, improving item icon style to be more consistent
    • Items spawned using /give are picked up almost instantly now
    • Doors, trapdoors, levers and buttons are no longer triggerable with the left mouse button[15]
    • Added an NBT tag for items to have lores
    • Added an NBT tag for mobs to decide whether they can despawn

  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed /me command only working for ops
    • Fixed /tell not working correctly
    • Partially cured lighting glitches
    • Fixed held items being colored when wearing tinted blocks/armor
    • Fixed the second layer on skins not being placed correctly when sneaking
    • Blazes now properly spawn in Nether Fortresses
    • Fixed pets teleporting around randomly
    • Fixed PvP-disabled servers still allowing players to set other players on fire using Fire Aspect enchanted swords
    • Fixed entities in minecarts becoming invisible
    • Fixed mobs randomly suffocating
    • Fixed stairs, slabs & fences glitching visually sometimes
    • Fixed mobs falling through blocks
    • Fixed wet wolves looking way too scary

World Generation
  • Customizable World generation[16]
  • Made superflat worlds customizable[17][18]
    • Are now made up of layers specified with block id, data value and height
    • Biome can now be changed
    • All generation settings are stored in a preset, which can be shared and re-used
    • Terrain can now be decorated and structures other than villages can spawn
    • Default presets:
      • Classic Flat - 2;7,2x3,2;1;village
      • Tunnelers' Dream - 2;7,230x1,5x3,2;3;stronghold,biome_1,decoration,dungeon,mineshaft
      • Water World - 2;7,5x1,5x3,5x12,90x9;1;biome_1,village
      • Overworld -2;7,59x1,3x3,2;1;stronghold,biome_1,village,decoration,dungeon,lake,mineshaft,lava_lake
      • Snowy Kingdom - 2;7,59x1,3x3,2,78;12;biome_1,village
      • Bottomless Pit - 2;2x4,3x3,2;1;biome_1,village
      • Desert - 2;7,230x1,5x3,2;3;stronghold,biome_1,decoration,dungeon,mineshaft
      • Redstone Ready -

    • Preset format with example: 95;35:2;2x20;1;stronghold o 95 is the format version, followed by a semicolon and the layer information. Every new layer is separated by a comma and must consist of the block id (35) and can additionally have :2appended to specify 2 as the data value. Before that, you can put 2x to specify that this layer should be put 2 times. After a semicolon follows the biome id. After another semicolon follow all structures to be generated, including their options.

  • Added Witch Huts in swamps[19]
  • Silverfish blocks now rarely generate in Extreme Hills biomes
    • On average, nearly one Silverfish block is generated per Extreme Hills chunk

  • Carrots and potatoes can now be found growing in villages [20]

Blocks & Items
  • Command blocks
    • Runs editable commands when triggered by redstone
    • Intended for adventure maps
    • Can only be edited by OPs, as long as enable-command-block in server.properties is enabled
    • Only obtainable using /give playername 137[21][22]
    • Can operate in silent mode where it doesn't display commands in the chat box. [23]

  • Beacons
    • Intended as an endgame block
    • Continuously glows and gives a selected status effect to players within 16 blocks while beaming a beacon of light directly upwards (as bright as glowstone)
    • Activated by building a solid pyramid of iron/gold/emerald/diamond blocks underneath and selecting an effect
      • The cheapest configuration requires 9 blocks, while the best configuration requires 164 blocks

    • Has to be directly exposed to skylight to work
    • Building square platforms of increasing size and the same material per layer will activate it and increase range and status effect selection
    • Viable materials are iron, gold, diamond and emerald blocks
    • Changing selected status effects costs 1 emerald, diamond, gold ingot or iron ingot
    • Unlockable effects, with increasing amount of required layers of blocks required:
      • Speed and Haste
      • Resistance and Jump Boost
      • Strength

    • When all 4 layers of blocks underneath are built correctly, a second status effect can be chosen
      • This second status effect is Regeneration or tier II of the previously chosen effect

    • Effects given by the Beacon will have less intrusive particles than others on the screen, such as those of potions

  • Anvils[24]
    • Used for repairing and combining enchanted items as well as for renaming any item/block for experience levels
    • Tools can also be repaired using one piece of their material
    • Enchantments that are the same are upgraded by one level as long as they are both the same level and the higher level exists
    • Conflicting enchantments will be removed and only the first one will be kept
    • Becomes damaged from using and dropping it - Damage persists in inventory and splits up into 3 categories: Anvil, Sligh

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