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Minecraft Admin abuse/idiot admins story (stupid owner included)

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NeoThaCat's Avatar NeoThaCat
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
Hi there, I'm Neo and today I am going to tell you a true story that happened once to me and my friends on a server.
Okay let's go.
I was very bored once while I played minecraft, but then my friend sent me a server ip and told me to join it. I joined it and played on it with my friends, and a got an admin as a friend to. The admin guy had a little brother, and he was a total prick. When I played for some weeks on that server I could make potions because of the update, so I made some potions and then I saw the admin's little brother in my house (he was a mod), he tped there and he opened my chest and took all the potions (the server wasn't hardcore) and he griefed and tped away. I got mad, but i still made new potions. After a while he came back and tried to take them, but I killed him and took his things, my admin friend called my on skype then after a while and his little brother was screaming and crying, he said that I needed to give his stuff back to him, and I did, and then his little brother claimed that all the potions I made was his, so i was forced to give him the potions to.
1 year later...
I got promoted 2 times first mod, and second admin. When I was mod the admin guy became co-owner and his little brother became admin. I was building on a house and suddenly I got kicked by his lil brother for no reason, I came on and he kicked me again, i joined and told him to stop kicking me, and then he said "You can't tell me what to do i'm an admin! for that you'll get banned!" SO he banned me. I talked to his big brother about that and after a while I got unbanned. Later on I got admin and I got a server (the server wasn't running with my network) and I wanted to invite my co-owner friend to the server and then he asked for op, i said that I couldn't give him op because the server was running on my friends network because my was to weak to be 24/7. He said "ok..". The next day my friend told me that the server was hacked, and it was my co-owner friends ip that showed up in the console and it said that he got operator, he did not just gave himself op, he griefed the whole server! I was really mad at him, and he was mad at me. On the server I was admin on, the co-guy tried to come up with random bullshit to get me banned, so he kicked me once for no reason and called me a bitch. and his little brother was still admin, but he was to scared to jump on me so he did that on my friends, he griefed them and he banned my friend because he said "Haha, no :)" to a question that the kid asked (He did actually do that, i'm not lying) and I asked why he banned my friend, and he said "because he was laughing at me" (he did actually say that). So I said "you're wrong, he just responded to you in a way" He said "No he didn't, because I am NEVVER wrong with anything" I said "You just spelled "never" wrong." He raged and used the kill command on me, and then the owner banned him for 4 h. Once when I tried to play survival the co-guy tried to kill me when I wasn't looking, I turned around and saw him and then he logged out. One day the owner got some sort of message in swedish I don't know where, so the owner asked me to translate it first it said "spelarnamn bannar adminer och trakkaserar andra spelare och förstör andra spelares byggnader" Translation "(PLAYERNAME) bans admins and harass other players and griefs other players buildings" The owner then got shocked and banned the co-guy's ip AND the best part is, the stupid kid had the same ip as that player, so they both got banned. The end

I hope that this was interesting for you, I would gladly hear your opinion about this or if you've met an asshole admin. Feel free to comment, if you liked this story, don't forget to give it a diamond. Cya :)

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11/02/2018 6:09 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
SuperExploding's Avatar
That was really fun to read xD feel sorry for you i met a lot of annoying people in minecraft and because of these people weird people say that minecraft is for kids but its only childish if you play it that way #MojangBanThoseIdiotPlayersAlready(somehow idk)
08/25/2013 9:29 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
PaulTehBlogger's Avatar
This is an interesting story, but it is not written very nicely. I'll give you some tips for your next blog. Use grammar. I'm not being a grammar nazi, and honestly, you don't need grammer in siwly thaing leik comments. But in a blog, you want to show your best. It is very hard to read. Explain the story better. You got mad at your friend for hacking your server, but you got mad at a "co-guy" for banning him? Who is a co-guy, and why would you get mad at that co-guy for banning someone you hate?
This is a fantastic story, and I hope you can take my tips and make it even better, but of course, don't let me change what you want.The story is supposed to be you.
07/02/2014 3:39 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
P0stalOffice's Avatar
co-guy, from what I can understand, he means "co-owner"
08/25/2013 1:56 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
NeoThaCat's Avatar
I'm not really good at grammar when it comes to english :/ but the co-guy is the guy who hacked my server.
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