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Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
Hi there, i'm Neo and i will give you tips if you're gonna pvp :) You may already know some of these but i will give tips to ppl who don't know. (I didn't animate the image, all the credit for the image goes to the person who made it) Anyway, here is some tips from me!

*1 Jump and attack! When you jump and attack, you will damage the guy more than just standing and hitting, and he will miss some hits on you

*2 Block. Some say that blocking isn't helping, it does help! If someone is hitting you and you block, they won't damage you as much, you can also hit and block.

*3 Run and jump! If you are low on health and you try to escape, don't look back just jump and run, otherwise they catch you!

*4 Make splashes! When you make potions for a fight with someone, make splashes! If you have a healing splash you will get health faster than drinking, and you can also give the other player a negative effect.

*5 Archer, Alchemist and Warrior. The server you play on may have classes when it comes to pvp. Archer is better than alchemist, Alchemist is better than warrior and warrior is better than archer, it's like rock, paper, scissor. You may not believe this but trust me.

*6 Achilles heel. If a guy don't have all the armor pieces, then hit him on the spot where he doesn't have the armor. The damage will be high as he didn't have any kind of armor at all!

*7 Always bring food! If you're gonna pvp bring food with you, Golden apples are the best, they give you good effects if you are hurt, If you have Super Golden apples, bring some if it's going to be a tough fight.

*8 Dodging. When you pvp with someone and if it's gonna be a melee fight, sprint towards the enemy, then jump on the side and hit him in the back! The enemy will have a hard time to get a few hits on you.

*9 Fast shooting. If you are an archer and another player comes close to you, spam-click the shooting button and the enemy will probably die.

*10 Get friends. It's always good to have friends by your side, if someone kills you and take your stuff, grab some new stuff and ask for help from your friend and find him, so you 2 can kill the enemy.

Hope this will help you out when you go to the pvp arena, goodbye!

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