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avatar Bluepenguin1o00
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
Hello now we (well some of us) like challenges, using the OreSpawn Mod I climbed this huge tree in hard mode brought 3 beds with me fell off a bit...and I made it to the peak. I know that this was no piece of cake, Creepers exploding causing less land, Zombies pushing me (No they did not push me off the tree) and Skeletons Shooting arrows at me...now this was a good challenge it took me two whole Minecraft days and...I did it I was amazed at the view. Now I sorta pushed myself to the limits but, now you, did you ever do something as this now if you do, be proud, you may have done something greater than this, if you do please don't hesitate to comment. And don't give up: "Just smile, and get back up there." ~Blue
CreditOreSpawn Mod
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