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Minecraft Custom Ambient Music/More Sounds/More Creatures

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Senorian's Avatar Senorian
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Purpose of Mod:
Custom Ambient Music:
We all get tired of hearing the same thing in Minecraft. Probably why most of us turn our music way down while playing Minecraft. The purpose of this aspect would be to allow players to choose/create their own playlists in-game. I know there are several mods out there that already strive to attain this. But most are either out-dated or require you to become a member of a site and pay monthly for the service offered through the site. This is costly and doesn't really add to Minecraft. In fact if you're listening to disturbed while playing Minecraft. It takes away the feeling of what Minecraft is. A game designed to encourage creativity and allow you to do what you want.

More Sounds:
I love Minecraft don't get me wrong, but sometimes the noises just get too repetitive. There is little variation between mining with a pickaxe and punching down a tree. Mind you I'm not asking to hear your hand getting broken every time you punch a tree or something. I'm simply asking for a little variation. We have realistic sounding cows now, why not have some more realistic sounding effects. Like the sounds of waves near an ocean, or the sounds of monkey and such things in jungles. Why not the sound of frogs in swamps? There is no real difference between biomes as far as sounds go. Why not let us hear wind or other such things? I know "Well why don't you play Tekkit?" I don't want to play Tekkit to receive this sounds.

More Creatures:
I love pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, cats, wolfs, creepers, skeletons, zombies etc. As much as the next guy. Heck I even love those villagers. But honestly, we don't have much. Why not horses, unicorns, different types of the creatures we already have. Why not make there be more different realms. The end is boring, and the nether is only there for let's admit it the alchemical things we get from there. We don't really play there that much. So why not fill these two places with different creatures. Make The Nether have different animals that you can't get on the Over-World. Same with The End. Minecraft honestly has so much potential. So why are we not exploiting it?

How it would look:

More Creatures (I'll provide some example creatures)

Nether Wolf:
Appearance: A large black dog with red tinted eyes, horns instead of ears and two tails instead of one.
Tameable: Yes
Taming Material: Zombie flesh (A use for zombie flesh other then just healing your wolf and poisoning you)
Health: 5 hearts
Damage: 1.5 hearts
Hostility: Hostile attacks in packs
Breeding: Yes
Breeding Material: Bone
Found-In: Nether
Rarity: Common

Appearance: The appearance of a red-fox
Tameable: Yes
Taming Material: Raw Fish
Health: 4 hearts
Damage: 2 hearts
Hostility: Neutral
Breed: Yes
Breeding material: raw chicken
Biome: Forest
Rarity: Semi-rare

Appearance: Great-White Shark *The shark species*
Tameable: No
Health: 6 hearts
Damage: 2 hearts
Hostility: Hostile
Biome: Oceans
Rarity: Common

Appearance: Long tan tail, orange fur, blue eyes
Tameable: Yes
Health: 5 hearts
Damage: 0 hearts
Hostility: Peaceful
Biome: Jungle
Rarity: Really rare 10 every jungle
Breeding: Yes
Breeding Material: Cocoa Beans

Polar Bears:
Appearance: You know what a polar bear looks like
Tameable: Yes
Health: 10 hearts
Damage: 3.5 hearts
Hostility: Neutral
Biome: Ice/Tundra
Rarity: Semi-Rare
Breeding: Yes
Breeding Material: Fish

Warrior Skeleton:
Appearance: Skeleton with Chain-mail armor
Tameable: No
Health: 8 hearts (Plus armor)
Damage: 5 hearts
Hostility: Hostile
Biome: All
Rarity: Common

These are just some examples.

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