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Minecraft Item Tutorial- The Nether Star

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newcomer31's Avatar newcomer31
Level 32 : Artisan Spleefer
Hey guys, newcomer31 here! I decided to make a series of tutorials for minecraft stuff(mobs, blocks, items ect.) This tutorial is about The Nether Star.

The Nether Star
The Nether Star is an item drop from the new boss, The Wither. The Nether Star can be used in crafting the Beacon block. The Nether Star was in the following Snapshots:

12w34a | The Nether Star texture was added.
12w36a | The Nether Star was implemented to the game, as an item drop for the Wither boss.
12w37a | Texture for The Nether Star was changed. The sprite no longer has a dark outline.

Well that's it for The Nether Star.

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