Minecraft Love story Part 5.

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Minecraft Love story Part 5.

Steve heaved him self up. He couldn't believe that Carol was gone. His love was gone. Steve sticked to his promise that he would go out to the dangerous outside world to find his beloved Carol. Steve limped to his house and packed his bag with food, armour and extra swords. He even enchanted his Diamond sword. He worked so hard Steve hard preparing himself that he didn't realise he was up all night. The sun was already rising and outside the Zombies and Skeletons were burning. Steve knew it was time to embark his journey. He grabbed all his stuff that he prepared and locked the door outside.

Steve walked to the spot where Carol was taken away. He bent down and saw foot prints, faint small foot prints. There's no doubt that these were the Enderman's. Steve followed the track which led deep into the woods. He took a deep breath and thought to himself " This is for Carol.". Steve started walking.


It was the afternoon and Steve was exhausted, He still haven't found anything or anyone. He walked some more until the tracks ended. The foot prints were gone. The last foot print was only half of the others. Steve snapped his fingers. " Of course! The Enderman must have teleported! But to where?" Steve looked around, he sneaked around the perimeter of the area he was in. He touched each tree, looked at each tree. There must be something here, he thought. Steve walked into a giant oak tree. He knew something was wrong with the tree. So he touched the tree, walked around it until he saw a single branch sticking out of the tree. Steve pulled the lever and suddenly the ground below him vanished and he was falling. In a blink of an eye Steve found him self crashing into a net. He untangled himself from the net and jumped down. He couldn't believe his eyes! Right there in front of him was the end portal. Glistening in the dark room. Steve walked forward. He was ready, he took a deep breath and he knew that Carol was in there. He jumped.

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