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Minecraft Love Story Part 6.

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Minecraft Love Story Part 6.

Steve opened his eyes, but he didn't look up. For he knew thousands of Enderman were surrounding him. Guarding him. Steve heaved him self up but he still looked down at the floor. His feet was standing on hard, cold rock known as end stone. Steve has never been to the End before. Everything was new to him. The grounds starts to shake and a huge Enderdragon swoops down towards Steve, luckily Steve jumped out of the dragon's way and was running towards the majestic castle near by.

The Castle was tall indeed, turrets going up all the way to the black void. The Castle was guarded with soldier Endermans patrolling the Castle. Steve inquired further, the Enderman's eyes weren't purple but red. These weren't normal Endermans, Steve thought. He creeped further. How was he going to get past all these Endermans? It's impossible! Steve spotted ladders going up the Castle wall into a window which was glowing. Carol must be in there somewhere, he thought. Steve dashed towards the ladder being careful not to get spotted. He slowly climbed up the ladder until he heard an Enderman screaming, his long finger pointing at Steve. The Endermans were gone leaving a cloud of purple dust behind. Steve looked around knowing that wasn't the end. He looked down and right there was the Enderman pulling at his feet. But it was too late, Steve was teleported to somewhere he never expected.

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