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Lets Build - Minecraft Medieval Series

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mysteryman3546's Avatar mysteryman3546
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I am now working on a Lets Build - Minecraft Medieval Series. I have seen many Medieval Builds but I tend to build more elaborate or detailed builds with cool decorations and details. Every Build has a Unique thing in it that adds a right place to it.

Future Builds and Finished Builds

Future Builds and Finished Builds

- Medieval Farm/Animal Barn
- Small Witch Hut
- Medieval Storage House
- Crane with Storage Chests/Crates [Construction Area]
- Gaurd House
- Castle on Top of a Mountain [Sidewalk on the SIde of the Mountain]
- Potion/Brewing Shops
- Medieval Style Street Lamps
- Small/Medium Houses
- Medieval Light House
- Large Boat Dock
- Multiple Style Gates with Walls
- Smugglers Inn
- Gladiator Arena
- Sleeping Inn
- Small Medieval Cottage House
- Fancy Medieval House/Mansion
- Medieval Blacksmith Shop
- Fisherman's House/Shop
- Medieval Farmer's Cottage with Windmill and Farm
- Small Medieval Manor House
- Small Medieval Shops
- Medieval Boat Yard
- Medieval Wood Cutter's House
- Fortified Barracks
- Medieval Church
- Torcher Devices [Gallows, Cages, and etc.]
- Medieval Butcher Shop
- Dragon Attack

Recommended Texture Pack

Download Here: A'therys Ascended

If you have any idea for me to build post in the comment section or PM me.
I will tag your name in it.

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by mysteryman3546 07/09/2013 9:45:59 pmJul 9th, 2013

- Finished Some Builds/Projects

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