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Minecraft MODS review single player commands ! tmi ! nei ! clay soldier and more !!!!

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wespacectas's Avatar wespacectas
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Hello guys this blog is a review on ALOT OF MODS in the first place mods are super cool.Mods are basically the best thing in minecraft.Ok this is why sometimes you play minecraft and it gets BOARING and you want to fix that that is were mods come in.In the first place probily the most popular mod is a mod calld too many items aka tmi.Too many items is an inventory editer with it you can normally look in ur inventory and u see a new PAGE of all the items/blocks.And potions everything u can get in minecraft when you click u get a 64 stack of items but if you press hold down shift and then click u can get an in infinite stack of items pretty cool huh?And if u look to the other side of ur inventory u see some save 1 save 2 etc. basically what that means is that what ever is in ur inventory at the time is saved.So if u erase ur items just click on that save and ur items are back !!!! so in retrospect too many items is a very good mod.Now im going to review the clay soldier mod the clay soldier is probily up with too many items and spc single player commands.What it does it adds tiny cute clay soldiers and diffrent collors and u can battle them with diffrent colors.I will include the links to all mods at the end anyways getting on the clay soldiers is ALOT more then just clay soldiers battleing it out to see who will win u can give them items ! and they can use them in battle and there are soooooo many items to give them.+ they can ride horses !and turtles !!! plus unicorns and it is soooo epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! endless fun evan for the most stubborn and most board minecrafter !.Now i shall review spc single player commands okay lets get started for teh basics spc is a very cool mod it adds u are able to press t and type commands ! ALOT of commands -_- too many commands i dont know how they maker dident go crazy desighning the mod.There are tons of basic and intense commands one of my favorites is the /cannon it shoots 1light tnt its really cool and then there is /spawn u can spawn what ever mob u want ! this mod works with the elemental creepers mod wich i will review as well.So thats the end of dat NOW WE GO AND REVIEW the nei mod.The nei mod is just like tmi but better becouse it has very cool fetures it adds the same pages of items but it adds a serch option so if u have a very hard time finding a block/item just click the serch and type the item and it will show up on the page.And u have recipes ! in one of the options look up a vid on youtube and see for urself carrying on it also has teh save options so i gurante it is a very good mod and u should have alot of fun with it.Now for tah elemental creepers the elemental creepers mod adds diffrent types of creepers i think i might remember them i know the cookie creeper the reverse creeper fire creeper magma creeper illusion creeper phiscic creeper and the earth creeper and the light creeper dark creeper and ghost creeper they all have eggs.You can get this mod at www.skydaz.com greate website alot of mod installers pretty sweat anyways if u want to learn more about tah mod u can look it up on google safari google chrome firefox enternet explorer etc. anyways that raps that up.And finally the last but NO WAY TEH LEAST the mo creatures mod i do not know if it has updated or not i will look into it but the mo creatures simply adds more creatures to minecraft when i say adds i mean add=ALOT so yeah it adds tigers lions snakes horses and all tamable domestic cats !.It evan adds beds toys litter boxes and a few more things for the cats sadly this mod is not on skydaz only the beta version :[ so yeah first time i played the mod i got alot of fun out of it ! super greate mod u can bread horses 2 obvously but still that mod pretty much raps up this blog i thank all of you great wonderfull readers please diamond if you liked and favorite if u really want to help out please leave a comment.Thank u wespacectas no longer in the building. http://www.minecraftmine.org/too-many-items-mod/:(Ad link removed) (<- Ad link removed): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/498342-132-elemental-creepers-v25-ported-to-forge-and-spawn-eggs/: http://minecraftgood.com/mo-creatures-mod/: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGyQFoedJpk: (Ad link removed) (<- Ad link removed).
Creditall the credit to the moders thank you all for ur wonderfull works i take no responseibility for any of the mods

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08/04/2013 2:40 pm
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OMG it just looks like a bounch of letters to me lol
01/03/2013 2:02 am
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How about using line breaks???
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