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Minecraft News | Minecon Earth 2018 Recap (Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage Update)

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Level 73 : Legendary Pokemon
This is a showcase and recap of everything announced at Minecon Earth 2018, everything that will be added in minecraft 2019 will be listed below:

Minecraft Village and Pillage Update:
  • Pillagers will attack villagers with crossbows and will have pet beasts
  • Crossbows can be dropped by pillagers and crafted by players
  • Crossbows will have enchantments such as fast load and multi-shot
  • Villagers will be completely redesigned and their designs will change depending on the biome that they are in
  • The Village and Pillage update will be released early 2019!
New mobs:
  • Pandas and cats will be added, as well as other new mobs that will be announced at a later date
Minecraft: Dungeons:
  • Minecraft: Dungeons is a completely new Minecraft game from the developers at Mjoang
  • It is a Minecraft based action adventure dungeon-crawler game
  • Players will find new tools and items to help them defeat each area of the dungeons
  • You can play Minecraft: Dungeons by yourself or play with three of your friends
  • Minecraft: Dungeons wll be released on PC in 2019 (no other platforms announced yet)
Biome update:
  • The Taiga biome won the Minecon Earth vote to be the next biome to be updated

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