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How To Master Pvp And Raid.

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kingsnakexxx avatar kingsnakexxx
Level 36 : Artisan Archer
Hey Guys! Kingsnake here. Today i am going to be listing many Pvp tips which have helped me throughout the many Faction Pvp servers i have been on. This is based on a server with Obby Breaker which allows obby to blow up in 6 tnt shots. Btw This is a video of our upcoming server raids putting these skills to work!

1. Base Building - First off you must have a good base. I recommend a Base That goes from the ground all the way up to The sky limit. Then cover this base with water. I recommend a 20x20 tower. Yes it may take awhile but in the end ITS WORTH IT. You must make the roof all the way up till you cant build anymore. Then place water on top. you can place water at level 257 but not blocks at 257. This will prevent any hybrid Cannons. If you dont know what that is check out my videos. It combines Tnt and sand together to blow up blocks in water. I will be showing a snapshots of my base to show how its made and its advantages. After building your base dig a trench all around and place half steps. This will prevent the stacking of sand. Check out my videos xXKingCondaXx to see what stacking sand is. After building this massive tower build a vault near the middle of your base. This will keep your stuff secure and give you a place to safely place your Faction Home. Even if they hybrid into your tower your vault will still be safe.

2. Land - Always be aware of your Land claims. First off claim a good amount of Land around your base so cannoning is a hassle. I usually make sure our power is 60-100 over our land claim. When Raiding a Base also make sure you CLAIM YOUR CANNON. I can remember countless times when i was hybrid cannoning someone and forgot to claim the cannon. They put on autoclaim ran out to my cannon and boom. All the work of making the cannon was gone. Claim your cannon!

3. Advanced Tips - Heres the advanced and better Raiding tips.

A. If your server has Tpa and tpahere you can easily glitch into a base. If your server allows glitching then this is the way to go. Simply go to the top of there base (if its at lvl 256) and send your freind a Tpahere. They accept and boom. They are glitched into the floor below the roof.

B. Potions. Potions are perhaps one of the Best tips. A weakness splash potion can go a long way. If you splash your enemy with that and have a strength then you are sitting pretty.

C. Hybrid Cannon. This is possibly one of the best inventions that i have perfected. It blows into water bases and its possibilities are limitless. Check out this video to see how it works.

D. Traps. Traps are some of the best ways to defend your base. As you can see from the video this can be used to kill anyone. You simply switch a lever and they fall to their death and you collect their items. Simple traps like this can be used on anyone. Also there is a door trap. I use this quite a bit. You place a block in front of your door. They walk into the opened door but cant go past the block. You then close the door behind them and they are trapped. You hit them from the side so you dont open the door again by mistake. There is no way out of this.

E. Knockback. Knockback is one of the greatest defenders. If you have a huge water tower like i recommend then you can kill anyone. Go out and draw them to attack you. Run away and climb up your water tower. Once your at a considerable height proceed to knock them off. Their death is imminent and you go down and grab their stuff. This also works great with a Punch 2 bow.

F. Freinds. Always make sure if your fighting someone the advatage is on your side. For instance say youll 1v1 someone then make sure your freind is there hiding so if you need backup hes there to help kill. yes it may be unfair but it is Pvp. There are no rules.

G. Recording. If their is not hacking allowed on your server make sure you record everything! If you have a mac i recommend screenium and for PC i recommend fraps. These are great recording systems that barely make you lag. I use screenium for all my recordings. Once you record it get them banned on that servers forums.

H. Grinders. IF your server has a plugin called egg in da box then you can collect and buy spawners. This will allow you to create a grinder so you can get loads of enchanted swords, armor, and bows. This should be a main priority because once you get in a base a Sharp V will be much more effective than a sharp 2. COLLECT SPAWNERS

I. MCMMO. Mcmmo is possibly one of the greatest Pvp plugins. It allows for personal gain. I recommend that the best mcmmo ability is unarmed. If you have a high disarm rate then you are unstoppable. A sharp V will become yours if you get a disarm. And once you disarm it all you have to do is run away or turn on him and kill him with his own sword.. Disarm and Swords are The best Abilities in Mcmmo.

J. Creeper Eggs. You can place creeper eggs in any claimed land as long as they have a redstone torch. This allows you to blow up their base from the inside and blow up capped chests.

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Update #6 : by kingsnakexxx 11/20/2012 3:47:59 pmNov 20th, 2012

Starting New Pvp series at xXKingCondaXx! check it out we are uploading clips today!!

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07/08/2013 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Toast
LeSwankLion avatar
Left click. I just summarized every pvp guide in 2 words
01/26/2013 2:49 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
zombie_eater3456 avatar
u got anyways of finding bases
08/01/2012 4:37 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
sherliey_d avatar
I can never find a good bace to raid they are eather beadrock or to far away anyhelp plus cords plz!
08/01/2012 4:11 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Warrior
Assassin_Nico avatar
Nice tips!
08/01/2012 4:23 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Archer
kingsnakexxx avatar
07/30/2012 2:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SASAconda avatar
That helps alot. cool.
07/28/2012 6:13 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Batman
smanrt avatar
nice plz check out my blogs diamonded
07/23/2012 3:40 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Dragon
zking1998 avatar
cool but the beast tip is ..... dont die trying to do thes nilly im pasable takeds like makeing a base as big as a monten i takes at lest 1000 stone to make 1 o but i have a cool way to make a connon
07/23/2012 3:44 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Archer
kingsnakexxx avatar
07/19/2012 10:14 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Arf98 avatar
Be really careful with the colors you pot into the text!! I can barely see some of them, which reduces the quality and the thoughts of the reader. Other than that, the information this contains is really good.
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