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Minecraft Recipes [Tool]

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Anthrophobic's Avatar Anthrophobic
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Got a great idea for a new items but no way to show it off? Try out this tool "Minecraft Recipe Designer", it allows you to drag and drop items into a crafting cube just like in the game! You can drag the items you want in your recipe and then give it a name. Maybe Notch will see it and decide to add your recipe to the game!

This web-tool has been around for some time now, but I wanted to re-share it with the community now that we have new items in Minecraft. Hopefully soon, we will have an updated version of this tool to include the new items from 1.9 and Release Candidates.

The images below are my ideas for crafting recipes.
1. Glow Stick, able to be thrown into a area and it illuminate light.
2. Grapple Hook, for climbing up spot on a mountain you can't normally climb.
3. Moss Stone, for a recipe for the moss stone.
4. Shelf, for displaying all those trophies and items.
5. Cane Rod, just weaker version of the normal wooden rod.
6. Rope Bridge, a way to connect those two distant cliffs.



Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for viewing!

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11/15/2011 11:03 am
Level 45 : Master Ninja
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Thanks for viewing! Be sure to post your recipes in the forum post!
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