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Minecraft Server Checklist

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Level 25 : Expert Scribe
Here is a checklist for server owners
  •          Think for concepts for the kind of server you want
  •          Get a concept, and stick with it
  •          Get a server name, make sure it’s unique
  •          Buy server hosting (Hosthorde)
  •          Get too know all the commands and the dashboard
  •          Install and configure all the necessary plugins for your server
  •          Test these plugins that you installed with friends, if you don’t have friends, use the PMC chat to find someone to help.
  •          Buy a domain and website hosing  (I recommend Bluehost)
  •          Install CMS to hosting (I recommend Wordpress, it’s easy to use)
  •          Get some themes? Themeforest works!
  •          Make some website content
  1.        About page (Tell people what your server is about)
  2.        Server rules
  3.        Forum (Optional, but I think it’s a really good idea)
  4.        Links to your social accounts
  5.        Pictures from your website
  6.        The IP of the server (I recommend putting it somewhere on the header)
  7.        Links to voting sites
  8.        Membership/whitelist registration (optional)
  9.        Donation page
  •          Make rules and expectations for staff members
  •          Create a document with staff rules and commands for reference
  •          Get a friend or two too be staff for the beginning, unless you’re forever alone L
  •          Make social media accounts
  1.        Twitter
  2.        Facebook page
  3.        Instagram
  4.        Youtube
  •          Make forum accounts
  1.        Minecraft forum
  2.        Gamefaqs
  3.        Reddit


Do these often
  •          Host a community event
  •          Post on social media accounts
  •          Interact with other similar social media accounts
  •          Tell players to post on your forum profiles
  •          Tell players to vote for you server
  •          Encourage players to use site link or graphic link in heir forum signatures
  •          Create a YouTube video
  •          Run an ad or sponsored server on a server list

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