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Minecraft Skin and Texture Pack Editor

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Andejak's Avatar Andejak
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What i would like in minecraft, would be a Skin and Texture Pack Editor.

Why would that be useful: A skin and texture pack editor would be useful, because when you make a skin or texture pack, you would need a program or go onto an unofficial minecraft site. So instead of all this hard stuff, wouldn't it be easier when you are on the homepage and then there are 2 menus more: ''Skin Editor'' and ''Texture Pack Editor''? I would really like that, also because it would be so much easier to create skins and texture packs. Then, if this gets in the game and gonna be used a lot, there could be like a database with all skins and texture packs and you could save your texture packs and skins up there... Would be so much easier than making them and then browse through like 5 different (or how many there are) minecraft fansites!

Wouldn't this cause problems? I don't think so. It might do it, but im not a programmer, so i have no idea how hard that idea would be! But it would be very nice iknow.
The only problem i can see, is that it might be hard to code it, so that if you are offline or internet got down while playing, then it isn't able to connect to the database, but im sure, that the GOOD PROGRAMMERS IN MOJANG know how to program that! ;).

Another idea would be to make minecraft more realistic. In minecraft nowadays, you need to do all by yourself. Maybe, in the villages, there should be jobs. So there would be some new houses where the miners live, the woodcutters live etc. And then outside each village, there should be a tree-farm where the woodcutters get wood and a mine for the miners. Then when they are home and not doing their job, you can trade with them. So everybody have all its own materials. But you can still live outside a village if you want to do it all by yourself, but here you can be only a miner, mining all the day long and when your home then you can trade the cobble and ores for more useful stuff. And when the day comes where you have lots of items, you can go out on your own with a huge amount of good items and then big a very nice big house for you and your friends. Also, there should be a leader in each village, and that leader can send everybody on their job etc. so that if you dont wanna mine but he says you should, then you may be kicked out of the village.

This might be too good and boring in the start, because you only can cut wood, mine or killing mobs in the start, and then when you finally leave the village, you will have too many items. So this should be like a new gamemode. So when you start your minecraft you can choose between ''Survival'' ''Adventure'' ''Creative'' and the new gamemode, that could be called something like ''City-living''

If you have any ideas, suggestions or anything, please feel free to post it in the comments below!

Thanks for taking your time looking this through, and i hope you liked it.

- Andejak

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