Minecraft: The Abandoned World (1)

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Chapter 1
Wake Up Call




All of these smells came to me as I slowly regained conscience. My
eyelids refused to open easily, I felt like I was awake for a week
It took me a moment to realize I was no longer in bed, it
was like most of my energy had been drained from me. My body really just
wanted to keep laying there, where ever I was.

I managed to turn over so I was facing upwards, but it was still hard
to open my eyes. I tried to move my limbs but those too were just as

What is this? Where am I?

I asked myself that before almost falling asleep again.

Well, I'm not dying or anything, at least there's that.

The air around me felt bitter and cold, like I was in the middle of a taiga biome.
I tried to remember what had happened beforehand and...

I couldn't. I had absolutely no memory of who I was or why I was there on the cold ground.
The very thought started to scare me. Internally I started to panic.
This was enough for me to try much harder to open my eyes.

Slowly I began to see a bright white lineas I opened my eyelids. This
line turned into an environment as I began to process what was around

Stone ruins lied around me covered in snow, like a stone city was
greifed and left to rot here in the taiga. Chunks of walls and floors
littered the ground.

I quickly closed my eyes again as they started to hurt from looking at all of this white.

What happened here, and more importantly, why am I here?
I kept laying there for a few more minutes, trying to save enough energy to get up off this cold stone floor.

While I did that I searched my inventory, feeling around my pockets
for anything. I definitely had some cooked meat (although not sure what
kind of meat) along with a sharp object.

After pricking my finger on the edge I came to the conclusion that it was a sword.

"Alright, this is enough laying around." I groaned to myself and
leaned forward. It was starting to get easier as I stretched my arms
out. It felt surprisingly good to do that.
How long was I laying here.

I tried to open my eyes again but just got blinded by white light.
The sun must be up by now, and the snow didn't help my vision.

I managed to stand up while feeling around myself like a blind
person. I stumbled around for a while until I found a wall. After poking
around it I felt a door and opened it.

I barley opened my eyes to see a small wooden room with a chair and chest. There were no windows.
That was good enough for me, so I quickly huddled inside and closed the door.

There was little light, but that just gave me time to get my eyes open and comfortable.

"Okay, what is this?" I spoke out loud to myself in this small room.

Then it hit me.
I didn't even know my own name. Absolutely nothing came to my mind.
I didn't even know what my face looked like.
I laid back a little in the chair and thought about it, then noticed the chest.

Nothing but a dusty forgotten bottle. Picking it up I held it up to
my face. I could see a distorted reflection of my face. Bright blue
eyes, shaggy brown hair. Could be worse.

I put it down and looked at my body. Just a black jacket over baby blue shirt complete with rugged jeans and red shoes.

I also had this red scarf around my neck. Made sense to have it in the colder biomes, but did I live near here or something?

I combed my hair to the side to get it off my face and got back up again.

"Well, I'm not going to get any answers by sitting here all day."

I opened the door again, the newly dawned sun shining it's light on me, forcing me to cover my face with my arm.

I looked around to the other parts of the land where the sun was not
at. It looked like I was in the remains of a large stone temple or

It had now been reduced to a stone platform with torn down walls, no ceiling, and snow all over it.

So, I wake up with no memories or even my name, in an abandoned ruin site, with no one around. Great.

I could tell I wasn't good at thinking positive right now. There
was an exit to the temple, a broken down wooden fence. I could see
fields of snow ahead.

Hopefully I could find a village or something. I took a few steps further, then suddenly, the world started to crumble apart.


I hope you enjoyed this short story, I will be adding things as time
goes on. I can be a slow writer sometimes so I apologize for slow upload

Thanks for reading!
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