Minecraft Protectors: Chapter One

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Dear Enzin

I've been looking at the sites you found for the past few days. You were right, I saw the creatures with my own eyes. I just finished drawing what I saw and I must say, these things are ugly. I can't put it into words. However, I can't find where they live, if they even have a home. I don't have much supplies left on me at the moment so I'll have to get back to the house.

Your friend, Elora


Elora put away her quill and folded up the letter. She looked around her small tent and dug up a leather pouch from a chest next to her sleeping bag and slid the letter into it. Her tent didn't have much in it, but it served it's purpose. Her sleeping bag, chest, table littered with maps and sketches, and a redstone torch to light up the inside without making too much light come out of her dark blue tent.
She made a quite clicking noise with her mouth and a bright green parrot flew out of her sleeping bag and onto her shoulder. She pet his neck before handing him the pouch.
"Be safe out there." She told her parrot in a hushed voice. Elora slowly opened the door to her tent and let the parrot out and into the gray sky that polluted the area. In a second the bird was gone in the sky. Elora quickly shut the door and looked around at her stuff. She only had a few pieces of steak left, just enough to last the journey home.

Home, she couldn't stop thinking about it. This gloomy place didn't have any life or color to it at all, nothing but rock and grass for miles.
Elora right now wore a sleeveless pink leather breastplate and brown pants complete with black combat boots. She brushed her blonde hair to the side and began packing her things up. She first rolled up all of her maps and then broke down and put away her desk and put it in her chest along with her sleeping bag. She then put out the redstone torch and put that away as well. Elora then put a leather harness around her back and attached the chest to it, making a crude backpack.

She slowly opened the door, letting in the soupy gray light in the tent. Elora took one last look at her temporary home and took a breath. She slowly stepped out in the biome. Fog made it hard to see fifteen blocks ahead of yourself, but she could see the edge of the cliff. Elora had built her tent in a large dent in the side of a crevasse wall. This crevasse was the largest one she had seen, twenty blocks wide and a hundred down. She walked super carefully to the edge where she had a rope that went back up the the surface. The mounted it and began climbing up the rock wall.

A few seconds went by of her just climbing, and the backpack didn't make it any easier. She knew she couldn't stop, she had to keep going or risk falling. She kept going and made it to the three quarter mark when something felt off about the environment. The fog seemed to be getting thicker around her as she hung mid air.

Then a strong tug shook the rope, almost making her let go in surprise. Another tug followed but thankfully not as strong. Something was climbing up toward her. She reached to her side for her sword-
She accidentally left her sword in her chest. She was thinking so much about something else when packing she didn't even realize she didn't have it with her.
'I need to climb.' She thought to herself and began climbing fast like her life depended on it, which it probably did. Another tug shook the rope, and another. Whatever it was had figured out how to climb up it. Elora kept at it, climbing as fast as she could wishing she never put away her sword like that.
'Keep climbing, just keep climbing' She kept thinking that she she ascended more. All she needed to do was make it to the top and pull the rope out of the ground and she would be safe.

Another strong tug made her heart pound even faster as her palms became sweaty and her breathing got heavy. She looked up to see the cliff only two blocks above her. She scrambled up and grabbed the rock the rope was attached to and heaved herself onto it, taking a minute to breath.

The she remembered something was after her. With all the strength in her arms she tor the rope out of the ground and threw it into the hole. A blood-curling shriek echoed from the hole as whatever it was fell back into it.
Elora took a second to breath before standing back up.
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