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Minecraft Without Creepers

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rocker452's Avatar rocker452
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
Minecraft without creepers... wow even to think about that is weird! To me Minecraft without creepers is good and bad. I think so, because without creepers you wouldn't have anything that could blow up your house in the over world and thats a good thing.(Well you could just set mob griefing to false now, but thats not my point.) It's also a good thing because now there is one less mob out there in the world to kill you!(You could just set difficulty to peaceful, but again not my point.) But i say there is actually a downside to not having creepers in Minecraft. In my opinion i say that creepers are part of the game that actually make Minecraft, well Minecraft. Without them i would feel as if there was something missing from the game. The creeper was was of the original mobs in Minecraft, and is an important part of the game to me! So to me a Minecraft world without creepers would be good but also bad!


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