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MineKart (An original plugin idea by deathblade64)

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avatar deathblade64
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So it appears as though I have made a complete idea for a plugin which would make an amazing server. Time to post it before anyone else steals the idea.
(Let's hope this doesn't become part of the ShotBow network too.)

Two weeks after I decided to think of some ideas for plugins, I started to notice a trend in the minecraft minigaming industry.
You've got SuperCraftBros, MineZ, Capture the Flag, Trouble in Mineville, the list goes on for a while.
Now you may already be saying "Dude, you're making absolutely no progress with me, cut to the chase"
If that's your attitude, please scroll down to the bottom and see what you'd like to see. My point is,
Most of these minigame servers are based off of games already made.
Now don't get me mistaken, there's nothing wrong with these servers. There are a lot of add ons in each of these servers which makes them unique from the "father" games which they were inspired from.
So that makes me think, if there's a Super Craft Bros and a Trouble in Mineville, where's mario kart coming in?

This is where

My idea for MineKart was inspired after seeing the Bower's Castle map on PlanetMinecraft. I thought,"If only there was a plugin or a server which you could actually roam the course and race against players."
Then it hit me
Hit me like a bullet to the head.

This COULD happen!

I had my mind in full blown creativity mode. I thought of all the variables which would replace the in game physics. How the items would work, ranks, possible donator perks, everything was falling into place for it to work. But sadly, I have absolutely no knowledge of how to code java, nor do I have the slightest idea as to what challenges lie ahead. For now though, I will leave my entire idea for the dreamers of PlanetMinecraft to dream along with me. I'd love to see this come into the world of Minecraft. Just a matter of who's willing to come to a mutual level with me.

Basic Ideas for the plugin

Each course would have between 8 and 12 player slots. You could choose between a boat (Kart) or a "Minekart" (Bike).

The courses would be relatively flat, but the cars would be able to scale up to 1 block inclines without any hitches. Most inclines would probably be half steps for ease of use.

Drifting would be a donators feature. It wouldn't give you a significant boost, but it would give you an edge over the "automatic" drifting regular players.

Some courses would be specifically for bikes, some specifically for karts. It would all depend on the type of track you drive on. These wouldn't be any small courses either. The races would have to last between 2.5-5 Minutes each.

Items and Characters

The items would be based off of actual minecraft items. For example, an emerald could become a green turtle shell. A nether star could become a power star, an ender pearl becomes a bob-omb.

The item boxes could be portrayed by ender crystals, those annoying little cubes you see when fighting the ender dragon. Go though them and a shuffle of items happens in your inventory until you get the item. These could be thrown by clicking on the mouse key.

As far as characters are concerned, I could see a similar layout following the Super Craft Bros server. These characters may have perks to give you a certain advantage others don't, but I'm against overpowering them. You could appear as yourself as a donor perk.

The final product
I've really tried to think this out as best as possible guys. I know there are things which would make this very difficult, but I bet it would be possible with a lot of hard work. If you are interested in working together with me to make this a reality, by all means PM me. I will also answer any questions or comments which you leave down below. Please consider giving me a diamond. I spent almost an hour typing this up and organizing all my thoughts to present it as neatly as possible. Hopefully this will one day become a reality.

Happy Mining,

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