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Hey fellow minecrafters,

I always try to find the best way to find diamonds.

Here i discribe a few methods which people think are good ways of mining diamonds, i'll also share my own opinion on which i like the best.

1. The first method is ofcourse caving : Wandering around caves to find loads and loads of materials quite fast altough, the altitude changes continuesly, this could be considered a negative side of caving but if you try to stay as low as you can this method can give you many diamonds really quick once your around layer 12.

2. The second method is tunneling : Where you mine at layer 12 in straight lines and 3 blocks high, this way youll find some diamonds, but i dont think you will find a ton in a short time. Although if your lucky you can find some really quick.

3. The third method is almsot similar to tunneling but it is mining in a few tunnels to completely mine out an area to seek out all the diamonds within the chunks. For example you start mining out in some straight lines and make a tunnel in a square form with a size of 100x100, then you start mining out the following way :

[] = stone
- = where you mine


i think this is really efficient as you can see every block within your 100x100 square while you only mined out less then half of the blocks. One negative side of this and the tunneling method is that it completely screws op the underground with a lot of tunnels having other players to mine into your tunnels etc.

4. The fourth and last method is mining out a complete chunk by any size you want, so for example 100x100 again, you start on the top layer like layer 64 and mine all the way down. this way you'll also get everything inside there, but i think it takes way too much time for the effort it has. Altough to make this a better way of mining you could just start mining at layer 20/30.

I would like to know which you prefer and why, also if you have a different method please share.

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Update #2 : 02/01/2013 1:12:48 pmFeb 1st, 2013

Added another new method, this is the final method i can think of right now
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