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I'm writing this in a more proper way than I originally had because I keep being told I need to post this and I didn't want to post the version I had.

Kyremian Lore
Nomocracy Lore

What the heck is this?

These passages document the history and culture of the polyarchy now known as Miraculum.

Origin Era
Planet: Pixilia (Former planet in Gliese 682 system)

It began with an island, or rather, an entire archipelago on a small world. Upon one island arose a small tribe of sentient humanoid beings belonging to a new species that at the time had no name or background. This civilization grew and thrived, and soon began to spread and settle throughout the islands. A major concentration of the species remained on the first island, however, which would eventually develop into the site of a massive city they would name Primus.

The new island nation enjoyed their prosperity, achieving a culture of semi-luxury with the resources gathered from the endless caverns below the archipelago, so much in fact that the elders of the civilization decided to fund expeditions to explore the world beyond their civilization. They sent out several exploration groups who discovered an enormous and beautiful continent of plateaus, plains, and beaches far to the south of the islands, and a harsh, mountainous forested continent far to the north.

With the discovery of these new territories, the island nation expanded and ended up dividing into several independent countries with 2 major dominant nations: Pixilian Confederacy and the Union of Stellastr. The northern lands ended up being claimed and divided up among a variety of small farming nations. The Pixilian Confederacy took control of most of the archipelago while the Union of Stellastr took to the south to the mainland where they developed antigravity technology and moved their core settlements to air colonies above the mainland.

A busy international economy evolved between the countries. With the absence of terrestrial obstacles to hinder development, the Union of Stellastr grew exponentially in size, always requiring more and more building materials to meet the high demands the nation required. As they had no sorts of terrestrial infrastructure they could use to gather any significant amounts of resources, the Stellastrians turned to trade with the other countries to acquire the materials they needed, specifically the Pixilian Confederacy. This, however, caused the Union to fall into massive debt to the Confederacy, quickly creating high tensions between the two nations. The two powers soon fell into conflict

It was about this time that both countries had begun experimenting with a material that came to be known as redstone, opening up an entirely new world of potential warfare. The race to build and develop defenses had begun. But before either side managed to create anything that resembled a significant threat to the other, a devastating testing accident within Stellastrian engineering labs unleashed an enormous magnetic shockwave that caused a magnitude of structural and natural destruction the likes of which had never been, and would never be seen again on the planet.

With their anti-gravity generators crippled by the magnetic upset, the sky cities of the Union came crashing down, completely wiping out the entire nation. At the same time, the shockwave continued far downward below the crust, stirring up the world's mantle and creating a massive subterranean turbulence that both warped the planet's magnetic field, and rendered the planet's surface extremely unstable. With the protection of the magnetic field weakened, the global climate spiraled out of control, quickly causing an extreme winter in the northern and island regions. The oceans surrounding the Pixilian Archipelago completely froze over, disabling all aquatic forms of transportation between the islands and the mainlands. The northern nations quickly died out with no way to reach the island confederacy for aide in the extreme cold, and constant violent crust instability tore apart much of the archipelago, obliterating everthing across many of the islands. The survivors of the global catastrophe were few and concentrated largely in the city of Primus. The species was back to where it had started, only this time, there was no chance to grow and develop.

Eventually the survivors realized that they couldn't stay in the world upon which they currently lived. All research and developments in weaponry within the Confederacy up until that point had involved portals, wormholes, and the distortion of space. With a last minute breakthrough by Pixilian technicians, a method for long distant travel through the manipulation of space was developed, and a portal to another world was opened. The survivors immediately raced through the gateway to the new alien land as the world behind them finally gave way and collapsed. There was no going back. The remaining community named their lost world Pixilia, world of the Pixilians, and the new planet, New Primus, after the metropolis that had marked the beginning of their civilization.

Reconstruction Era
Planet: New Primus (Gliese 682b, Gliese 682 system)

The survivors established a colony of a small group of farms on some cleared land in a forest not far from where they had first arrived. The inhabitants frequently sent out small teams to search for a better site for development, as the forest they had arrived in was too dense and hilly to build much. Eventually, after years of exploration, a massive plainscape was found which saw the start of a new settlement that would come to be known as Axiom City. The reduced population wouldn't be able to stand as separate countries like it used to, so a single state was formed, which became known as Miraculum, which they subsequently applied to their species in general.

Immediate breakthroughs in redstone allowed for this new settlement to grow even bigger, more complex, and more prosperous than Primus, or the Pixilian Confederacy for that matter, ever was, beginning a technological renaissance. Miraculum extended its influence across the world, annexing several indigenous villages and promoting exploration. It was also during this time that digital simulations were developed which further sped up the rate of technological expansion. This was where Miraculan airship technology was first conceived and developed, and it wasn't long before they began looking to the skies as their next destination of expansion, specifically the planet's moon.

When it was discovered in these simulations that a certain combination of extremely rare substances and complicated processes could be used to open rifts to their moon, Miraculum immediately began funding exploration missions to locate these materials. It wasn't long before one source was discovered far southwest of Axiom, however the distance between it and the capital was enormous, so funding continued until a second source was found, this one being far to the east of the capital, but still much closer than the first source discovered.

It was here at this second source that a new colony began, supported by Miraculum's massive reserve of resources. This settlement became known as Miraculum's colony of Arborem. The town grew at a much faster rate than expected to the point that it could no longer be considered a small colony town, but instead, a massive city of its own.

At this point, a method of transportation directly through the nether regions of the planet was developed, significantly shortening the travel between Axiom and the rift portals, rendering Arborem useless to Miraculum as a checkpoint to the city's rift. It was because of this that Miraculum's government, situated in Axiom, ceased its support of the colony entirely while still enforcing Miraculan law upon the region. Arborem, however, had grown large enough to become its own self sustaining city, and eventually demanded to break ties with and leave the control of Miraculum. By this time, much of Axiom's resources were being tied up in reclaiming the moon from its hostile native inhabitants, colonizing and terraforming New Primus's interior, and researching the new possibilities brought about by the discovery of a material dubbed nether star. Miraculum was strongly opposed to the idea of losing their entire colonial region and control of the rift portal that it was located above, but could do nothing at the time to halt the secession.

Arborem seceded and became the capital of the newly established New Pixilian Confederacy, which immediately began spreading farther eastward, creating a large transportation network between it and a multitude of new colonies, including several native villages.

Once a completely terraformed region was established in New Primus's nether, the majority of the moon had been reclaimed, and research in the properties of nether stars led to the development of beacons, Axiom turned its attention to reclaiming several eastern native settlements that had once aligned with Miraculum, but which had also diverged along with Arborem. This, however, resulted in a slow but strong uprising across the east which developed into an all-out revolt spearheaded by Arborem. With the support of the majority of the native population, Arborem forces began attacking Miraculan diplomat convoys, driving them out of occupied villages.

It became clear that Arborem intended to use their enormous numbers to attempt a revolution and take Axiom to either claim control of or disband the Miraculum government. While not wanting to simply surrender to this rebellion, Miraculan leaders refused to risk the destruction of their species again, much less at the hands of each other, and quickly began implementing their recently developed air and space ship technology. Thanks to their massive reserve of building materials, Axiom was able to pull off a city-wide evacuation into space, abandoning the city and their hostile brethren, and began their trek out into empty space.

Progressive Era
Planet: Ulfur (Gliese 682 c, Gliese 682 system)

Exploration Era
Planet: Teset (Epsilon Indi Ab I, Epsilon Indi system)

Expansion Era
Planet: Miraculum (Epsilon Indi Ab, Epsilon Indi system)

Conquest Era

11/26/2016 5:19 am
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I love a good backstory! :D
05/17/2016 12:34 am
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Wooooo, Amazing!!!
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This is badass
how can i join?
06/06/2015 3:36 pm
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Bard Bard
if you're joining, I look forward to see what you will make.
I wish you luck on your journey in the cosmos.
06/06/2015 6:42 pm
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Well the thing is i alredy have a giant space empire from another rp im alredy making
07/09/2015 6:35 am
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if it works with the existing lore you should be good
06/02/2015 4:27 am
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Read the spoiler titled "What is this ^ ?" in my about section.
05/29/2015 11:49 pm
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This is pure genius! Nice work!
05/29/2015 7:58 am
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It was very good! cool and construction or moderator ! :)
05/29/2015 2:15 am
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fun ^-^
05/28/2015 11:00 pm
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05/28/2015 10:03 pm
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Some good stuff in there. More detailed than mine was ever going to be. Nice job. Hope to see it finished soon.
05/28/2015 9:35 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
I love the story! I could never write this, however; I always enjoy making fictional maps and then changing them while imagining what is happening and the consequences to the countries on tthe map: some fall, some rise, onquer, kill, raid, or move on.
05/28/2015 7:06 pm
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Nice, I could never write like that :D
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