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Mk. 2 | Chapter 2

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I was sitting in my home office, hacking into Abdera's vast computer network. Why was I doing this? Because, other than my father and I, the Abdera Corporation is the only group who know about the existence of the Regnum Messoris. And what I found disturbed me.

I discovered that Abdera was constructing an ASTRRLAP Generator Mk. 2; and, from what little information I could gather on it, this new version was designed to prevent the "Jamison Incident" as they so politely put it. Have they no respect for the one who died to save us all?

Anyways, the portal machine is being built in a manner that would prevent someone from coming in with a handgun and destroy an entire facility and the surrounding area. But, I still couldn't help but feel like a Regnum Messor was behind this design. The question is which one?

You know what? It doesn't matter. I will stop the Mk. 2 from going live. Yes! In about one week I am going to stop its activation myself!

Prof. Emerson is feeling ecstatic as the day that the Mk. 2 goes online draws near. The tanks containing all of the Core Substances: Luminium Crystals, Sonic Radiation, Temporal Mist, Vita Strings (comically called "Life Lines"), and Verus Radiation have arrived. Distorted Reality was left out, for obvious reason. Inanium was also left out because some experiments in the past had destroyed the laboratory and part of the nearby city.

Currently, the sonic emitter for the Mk. 2 is being installed and adjusted in the back of the portal chamber. Prof. Emerson is watching the light blueish grey Inanium rings as they test the frequencies for the emitter to see if the rings respond. The magnets have arrived and are waiting to be installed and calibrated. All in all, the Mk. 2's construction is coming along smoothly.

5 days 'til activation!

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