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Mo' Weather + Biomes and Mo' Mobs! [Huge Update!]

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My idea for Minecraft is broken into two sections, Mo' Weather + Biomes and Mo' Mobs.

Mo' Weather + Biomes

My first idea for Minecraft is to add weather other than rain and snow.

1. Volcanoes
Volcano Picture
Mo' Weather + Biomes and Mo' Mobs! [Huge Update!]

Minecraft seems kind of empty without dangerous biomes in the real world. There is not real danger from just walking around in the desert. If there were volcano biomes then minercfat could have more action and adventure with frequent eruptions and lava flows. And when a volcano would erupt the sky would become black with ash and it would go away 5-10 minutes after. There would also be a dragon protecting all the goodies in the volcano. They wouldn't just generate a volcano they would generate a whole volcano BIOME. It would probably be made from obsidian or some other kind of hard volcano rock, and they would have a caved in inside with precious ores like emeralds or maybe even diamonds! But with that much in there it shouldn't just be a straight hole in the volcano, there should be jagged rocks and deep trenches around every block.

2. Tsunami
Tsunami Picture
Mo' Weather + Biomes and Mo' Mobs! [Huge Update!]

The Minecraft ocean biome is just a water, and thats what its supposed to be but there's nothing going on, no waves, nothing. So I think there should be Tsunamis added to add some sort of realism to the ocean biome. It would also add a sense of adventure for when you are out sailing on your boat in the ocean biome. There probably would be two kinds of waves plain 1-2 block tall waves, 10-15 block killer waves and HUGE 30-50 block Tsunamis! Normal waves would come by everyday slowly and calmly add some movement to the ocean. You would have a 2-10% chance that you would come across a killer wave for every 5 minutes in the ocean. And while you are at the beach you have a 1-2% chance for every 10 minutes there that you get swept away by a gigantic Tsunami!

3. Earthquake
Earthquake Picture
Mo' Weather + Biomes and Mo' Mobs! [Huge Update!]

Ravines do add danger to Minecraft but you can see that they are coming, with earthquakes you wouldn't have a clue that they are coming (other than the Minecraft world randomly shaking). They would add some fun to biomes that are generally boring like the snow and plains biome. And there would be certain conditions that would have to be met in order to have an earthquake ocurr, like the land being low, a cave below. But in a case where all of those are met the chances of one ocurring is 5-15% (given you are there). They would look very similar to ravines but they would go down almost to bedrock (maybe even make holes in the bedrock and a pathway to the void!!).

4. Tornadoes

Tornado Picture

What I have said until now is very dangerous with all of them toghether, but there's always space for more fun! With tornadoes you get a spectacular block show and destruction, which everyone loves! Tornadoes would blow blocks that weren't placed by you (in most cases) away, up to 200 blocks away! The blocks that can be blown by the tornado depends on the power of it and the type of block its under. A normal tornado could blow dirt, sand, leaves and wood away, but a powerful one could blow dirt, sand, trees (yes, whole trees!), stone, cobblestone, coal ore, and water away! There also could be certain types of tornadoes like water tornadoes or dust devils. I also mentioned that they could blow blocks that you placed away in certain cases, what I meant was if the tornado was powerful enough it could blow stone planks and some other stuff away, even if you placed it. There is a 5-10% chance that you would encounter a tornado for every 20 minutes on land.

5. Meteoroids
Meteorite Picture

There is nothing much interesting in the sky of Minecraft but meteoroids would add something to look at (and run away from!) that comes from the sky. Meteors would add unpredictability and danger to Minecraft, but a good source of ores. They would make a noise when they are 100 blocks away and make a exploding sound when they finally crash. There would be 3 types of meteors, small, normal, and gigantic. Small ones would be 3-5 blocks wide and would blast 1/2 much as TNT. Normal ones would be 5-8 blocks and blast as much as a TNT. But a gigantic one like the one above would be 10-20 blocks and would be a Minecraft nuclear bomb! They would contain ores and lava. Big ones could even have diamonds and emeralds! There is a 2-5% chance of a small meteor crashing down, and a 0.5-1% chance of a gigantic one. They can also cause tsunamis if they hit water.

6. Hail
Hail Picture

Minecraft does not have many types of precipitation other than rain and snow. With hail you couldn't just walk out in it, you would get 1/2 a heart of damage for every 2 seconds you were in it. And after the hailstorm there would be ice on the ground so you could pick it up as an item. Also hail would only appear in the snow biome and rarely in the forest.

Also there would be a option for which things you wanted, like volcanoes and hail, when you make a new world.

Mo' Mobs - Minecraft biomes seem empty with out them having unique animals to them, so in the next part of this post I am going to propose some new mobs Minecraft could have. And it will also be broken down from biomes. (And all the crafting recipes are at the bottom)

  • As I metioned earlier there would be a dragon in the volcano biome. It would have 1/2 health of the ender dragon. It would shoot fireballs and stomp try to stomp on you. It would drop 2-3 dragon scales if killed. They could be made into armor and swords that are x2 as strong as diamond (recipe below)!


  • Horses - Pigs are good but they don't really have that feel of awesomeness, that horses have. With horses added Minecraft would be have more adventure, because you would be able to go places faster and you could escape dangerous situations faster. It would add a medieval feel to it. They could be tamed with 1-2 apples, and after they were tamed you could ride it with a saddle (crafting recipe at the bottom of post).

  • Rabbits - Rabbits would just be fun to have :D


  • Birds - There is no flying mob in Minecraft (other than the EnderDragon and Ghasts), so birds would add color and shooting practice to Minecraft. They would come in different colors and they would drop a feather when killed. And you could find eggs in their nests.


  • Camels - Camels would add a method of transportation to the desert biome, where horses would start slowing down. You could tame them with and type of food and you could ride them with saddles. And they could have a bag on them for an extra inventory.


  • Fish - fish don't do anything they just swim around, and you can fish them. They would fill up the emptyness of the ocean.


CRAFTING RECIPES, open spoilers to see


Saddle with chest

Dragon Chestplate (pretend the red dye are dragon scales :P) also can make legs, helmet, and boots.

Dragon Sword

I am going to add more that I have planned (shields, new mobs to biomes) to this blog tomorrow, so check back soon, also please Diamond, Favorite, and Subscribe if you liked this post! Thanks! :D

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Update #1 : by minermines 12/09/2012 10:53:04 amDec 9th, 2012

Added hail, and new stuff to the volcano
And new mobs, and items

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12/09/2012 2:09 pm
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very impressing
12/09/2012 2:08 pm
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Luxury_Creeper's Avatar
I like it, especially the mobs

--> gotta diamond
12/09/2012 2:11 pm
Level 26 : Expert Miner
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Thanks! :D
12/09/2012 11:46 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
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12/09/2012 1:13 am
Level 40 : Master Mage
+Sheena+'s Avatar
But...Volcanic eruption is not a weather.
12/09/2012 8:58 am
Level 26 : Expert Miner
minermines's Avatar
Yeah, I'll have to change the title, thanks for noticing that I completely forgot :P
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