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01/06/2013 7:04 pm
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Hey, it's DaHoboAtWalMart. This is an application for trial-mod.

Intro: My real name is Mitchell Friedman, and I am thirteen years old. Please mind the difference between age and maturity as there is a very solid barrier. I live in the Texas, US. I am in central timezone. I have had Minecraft since late Alpha and my favorite aspect of the game is building. Recently, I have been trying to expand my horizons on redstone, and I have made some exceptional progress. I have had a large variation of staff ranks on many servers in the past, and I have lots of experience with plugins and commands. The average amount of players between the servers I played was about ten to twenty, highest in early afternoon. Some servers are still up. One of them was a Tekkit server, though I barely understand Tekkit. I am very familiar with plugins such as World Edit, Factions, Towny, Residence, Precious Stones, HawkEye, LogBlock, Groupmanager, PEX, WorldGuard, etc. English is my first language and I am currently learning Japanese.

Why Me?: I have a high amount of experience with commands and plugins, my building skill is definitely above average, though I prefer creative and a larger selection of land than offered at the village. I've been on the server a while and I am capable of answering any question asked by users. Like forementioned, I have lots of experience with commands and plugins, I chose to emphasize that because I feel it is very significant in my case. I think that trust isn't a question here, I practically waited all night for Christmas day so I could get the Funding Pack, but I understand you need details since no one should hire random players to be staff.

Why Should You Trust Me?: I feel like it is a rare opportunity to get a staff position on a server so well made, and I would do anything to get this rank. I will not abuse power or show it by banning players for no reason, I hate those people just as much as you and everyone else in the game does.

More Info: I've been playing for a couple weeks now and I've met a lot of good people. I know the rules well and I have tried as hard as possible to break none.

Closing: I have nothing to say here, except that I really hope you let me into your ranks. I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and would be honored to serve under you. Thank you, and cheers to survival. Sorry if you recieved this more than once, I had to send it a couple times since my internet went out and I just wanted to make sure.
01/03/2013 11:51 pm
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This is Ign:Unknownbomber I would like to apply for mod or ''Trail-Mod'' Age: i do not like to apply my age for personal reasons. Skype: i have a skype but not able to access it on my main computer.
Reasons to Apply for Mod: Main reason to apply for mod is because i love this server, very great community and cooperative players in-game and i personally think a mod+ should be on at least 20/6 which means 20 hours a day and not on sunday.
Why do you think you should be mod:I think i should be mod because i have skills of helping others ive been mod on three servers admin on one and co-owner on one. Another reason i think i should be mod is because i work with players well and like to play sometimes.
Supports of Mod App: if i do not become mod i will still play here and help others and if i do make mod well ill help x3 more then i was and do the jobs that need to be done.
More About me: I like to play minecraft alot as most of you know and like to mess around.
Trust: The Reason I think you should trust me of being mod is because im helpful to others if they call out for help or just /msg me it. ive been playing on the server for about a month or less now and still loving it! Have A Good DAY!!!!
12/27/2012 1:18 am
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intro:Hey Im Ryan and my name on the server is NsANEstyle i am in the eastern time zone i live in Massachusetts im 14 i dont really remember when i started playing on this server but i know it has been a long time and personally i think that i have got to know u very well i am a titan on this server and i would say 30-35 people on average play on this server a day but during the night 10-25 people on average play on this server and the server stil runs and english is my first language.....Why me: i think u should choose me because i have a server of my own and i know not to mess things up and what i will bring to the table is less hackers more help and more fun i will get to know people and play with them and just have fun with everyone else and i will definitely help u when ever u need help so thats what i will bring to the table. why to trust me: u can trust me cause i already try to keep this server safe i already watch for hackers,spammers,and just over all rude people who dont respect the server. more info: i think i know almost all the rules and i have been playing on this server for a long time i dont even know how long all i know is that this is one of my most favorite servers out the and it always will be.Conclusion: i just want to say one final thing is that i want to be a important part of the server to keep it safe and with no hackers so i hope u choose me to help u out and thanks and have a great day/night.
12/26/2012 8:14 pm
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Intro: Hi, my name is Josh and I am obviously a Titan on you're server. I am 16 years old and I live in the U.S.A (Specifically Connecticut) and I am apart of the eastern time zone. I started playing minecraft about one year ago. Since then I loved the game so much. I first started out in single player then moved towards the multiplayer. I joined a server ran by a man named MichaelDarkBlue and started playing. After five months of hard work I became a builder. After one more month, I became an Admin. The owner then told me all of the rules about being an Admin. I was then promoted to Head-Admin of the server. ( aka Op ) The server still run's to this day and I am still apart of the server ( Ip: darkblue.hopto.org )
Why choose me? : Once you get to know me through the game of minecraft you will know you have made a smart choice in making me a Moderator. I am always willing to help people and always have a great attitude while playing the game. I am also a fantastic builder and I have experience working with many plugins.
Trust: I never instantly ban someone unless they are hacking and have a great advantage on someone else. I like to use the Warning-Kick-Mute-Tempban-Ban method. I feel that gives the player enough chances until they are at the point where they are purposely doing whatever they may be doing wrong. I am the type of person that you can trust. Michael ( from my other server ) trust's me and so why shouldn't you. :)
How long have I played on your server? : I am not sure how long I have actually been playing on the server but I do know all of the rules and how the server works.
Conclusion : I feel I would be great for the job because I always have a great personality and I am very smart and trustworthy. I also do know how to "Crack the whip" if needed. Rawr you have a great server and I would love to be apart of the staff and make the server even better than it already is!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,
~xjosh50x or Josh
12/26/2012 8:35 pm
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Please send me a PM instead of commenting here

01/28/2013 7:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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INTRO:Hello my name is JJ and i have only been playing your server for a while but i know deep down that its something i would like to be apart of i mean come on who wouldn't theres friendly community Great staff and thats something i want to be apart of i live in Australia i dont know my time zone but im in perth if u wanna look it up i started playing minecraft in 1.7.3 and i was hooked found diamonds my first day it was the best i thought it would be cool to help other people out in multiplayer so i did got mod on one server for making parkour and helping with redstone im not the best with red stone but i am pretty good.

Why Choose Me?: well once you get too know me you know i am just there to help and if theres a problem we cant solve we solve it together i get along with everyone and i like everyone i dont have a mean bone in my body :D.

Trust: i never bann someone without proof i will get word from someone that they are hacking use an invisible potion or scope from the sky i dont bann until i get proof NO.1 priority and maybe work out an agreement on the ban time with other admins and mods

How long have i played on your server i have played on your server for 3 days first day i was hooked with the amazing spawns and i thought i could help out so much so the next day i bought titan and helped people coach them through bosses gear helping them in whatever way possible i know i have only played a short while but everyone deserves a chance right :D i dont know all the rules i know most of them but becoming a trial mod is what learning is all about you have your ups and downs but you will learn.

Conclusion: i feel i would be an outstanding candidate i always put myself before others even if they have been mean to me in the past i am trustworthy. Rawr you have an amazing thing going for you right now and i want to keep it going i wanna improve and learn Thanks so much For taking your time to help me you probably know me im Heganborre or Hegan for short hope to see you again in near future as a trial mod goodbye for now :D
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