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Mod Spotlight: Craftable Wings by gegy1000

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UndeadGaming606's Avatar UndeadGaming606
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Ever wanted to fly in survival? Now you can!

Craftable Wings adds wings that are craftable!

The End JK

The image above is the crafting recipe for the wings. But, this isn't the only features the Craftable Wings mod has. You can dye them and recently gegy1000 made it so that they are 3D. If you messed up and want to remove the dye on your wings, you can remove it by combining the dyed wings with a bucket of water in your crafting table. It is kinda OP, but it balances out because you can't wear a full set of armor if you want to fly. You have to have the wings equipped in the chestplate spot.

If you are interested in this mod, go search for it on PMC and tell gegy1000 UndeadGaming sent you.

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