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More Boats [Minedeas Contest Entry]

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Hello, everyone. This is a blog dedicated to the all new Minecraft Idea Contest that is currently running on PMC. My submission is about a long term problem we have had in Minecraft: Boats. They are cool, useful and really helps you out in a sea biome, but other than that they don't do much; there is no types of boats or anything and that is a problem i am here to solve. So let's get started!


Now, the first part of this is obviously about different types of boats that could be implemented. We will start off with the simple, popular ones.


Description: The Iron Boat functions like a normal boat, but when you bump/ram into a block the boat doesn't get destroyed. In addition, when you ram into a block with high speed, the block will break upon being rammed into by the boat. The Iron Boat is slower and harder to steer than the regular boat, however.

Crafting Recipe: Iron Boat

Pros: The Iron Boat is very handy if you tend to ram into things or just generally hate that your boat breaks. Also allows for more dangerous travels.

Cons: The Iron Boat is not very good at sea or at places where it's easy to avoid blocks, since it's slower, harder to steer and more expensive than the regular boat.


Description: The Lava Boat is just like a regular boat, except it has the ability to sail in lava. It is slower and harder to steer (also slower than Iron Boat) and is really slow in water.

Crafting Recipe: Lava BoatReplace Minecart with iron Boat

Pros: Extremely good in the Nether, since there is a lot of lava which can be useful to travel through.

Useless in water, due to being slower and harder to steer and also has the posibillity to kill you if you stand out of it and then land in the lava.


Description: The Speed Boat is a much faster version of the regular boat (with optional recipe being even faster) and it allows you to travel distances a lot faster, especially overseas. It is harder to steer though and uses fuel as fast as a furnace.

Crafting Recipe: Speed Boat

Optional recipe with even faster speed:

Super Speed Boat

Pros: Extremely handy overseas, since you are a lot faster.

Cons: Costs fuel, so not good if you are poor on coal. Also bad in rivers, since the speed can be hard to handle and it's harder to steer.


Description: The Submarine is a boat that can travel underwater. Using the same controls as in creative, though much slower and harder to steer, it allows for underwater traveling faster than swimming and you don't lose breath. It is very hard to steer though.

Crafting Recipe: Submarine

Pros: Very good if you want to travel underwater, whether it be to get under some blocks or to go on clay/squid hunting.

Cons: Completely useless if you don't want to go underwater.


Description: The MultiBoat is a multiplayer boat: It allows for 2 other players to be in the same boat as you, with only 1 player steering it. The boat is harder to steer, though and is a little bit slower.

Crafting Recipe: MultiBoat

Pros: Very good if 2 players are going to go afk and the third can just travel with them. Also handy because 3 boats are more annoying, since you can crash into each other or get lost from the team.

Cons: Useless alone and very hard to steer.


Description: The Houseboat is extremely useful for long distance travels on boat, as it allows you to press [Insert activation key here] and instantly a 9x9 square of planks, a chest, crafting bench, a furnace and a bed will appear where your boat was. A "Boat Block" will also appear in the middle, which will make it a boat again if right clicked. You can use this to craft stuff, smelt stuff and even sleep if it's night. The boat is slower, though and should not be used if you want to go really quick. (NOTE: Breaking any block on the 9x9 square will break the boat as well. Also, breaking the boat will also eject any items that were stored in the boat-chest).

Crafting Recipe: Houseboat

Pros: Really useful when you are travelling over big seas, as it allows for cooking food, craft another boat, put items in the chest and even sleeping. Can also be carried around on land, plonked down in a little lake and then used to create a makeshift shelter.

Cons: Not that great if you are traveling short distances, close to your home, as it is slower.


Description: Hold your horses, this is not a real flying boat. This boat, when activated by pressing [insert activation key here], will jump about 2 blocks and then float down again at the same speed as a chicken, covering a couple of blocks. Has a 15 second cooldown.

Crafting Recipe: Flying Boat

Pros: Good for river-traveling as it allows you to jump over small lands gaps. Besides: IT. CAN. JUMP! Isn't that enough?

Cons: The Flying Boat may be so awesome your brain will explode.

Image by FlamingTextcom

Description: The War Boat is great for any PvP'er. Holding down the [insert activation key here] will fire arrows in a stream at anything in front of you. You will also destroy any boats (except iron boats) that you ram into (only works on War Boats if hit on the back). Additionally, if the fight if getting tough, you can always press the [insert activation key2 here] to launch yourself 50 blocks into the air and explode your boat, destroying everything around it.

Crafting Recipe: War Boat

Pros: Great for anyone on a PvP server.

Cons: Completely useless for the non-pvp'er (except for killing squids).

Image by FlamingTextcom

Description: Ever thought "i love boats, but too bad you can never use them because you travel most on land"? Well, fear no more! When you approach land with the Hydro Boat, it will automatically generate flowing water (not source blocks) under it, flowing in the direction of the boat, allowing you to sail ON LAND. Also useful for traveling down big mountains, as you don't take damage in water (or in a boat for that matter)

Crafting Recipe: Hydro Boat

Pros: Boats are faster, doesn't consume hunger and is generally much more awesome than walking. Very useful for covering big flat lands of area and climbing down mountains.

Cons: Extremely bad steering, so it's not very good in places like forests and stuff where you need to steer a lot. Can't go uphill either (atleast it's very hard to do so), so climbing mountains is pretty stupid too.


Now, this idea doesn't only add new boats, but also changes them! Regular boats are changed to be funnier, more attractive, better and overall just awesome and other items are affected as well.


Description: The Boat Enchanting is a brand new feature that only works for the regular boat. It works like this: You put a regular boat into an enchanting table, just like other items, and then it get's upgraded in the following things (each to a level of max 5): Durability (more on this later), speed and handling (being able to steer good).

What will be changed?: What changes is that you now have something more to use your levels on and that you can debate whether you want the regular boat with enchanting or one of the custom boats (know that a fully enchanted boat is both faster than speed boat and sturdier than iron boat). And don't worry about breaking it: If a boat is broken (by ramming into something) it will just drop and you can pick it up, still enchanted.


Description: All boats will from now on have a durability, meaning it will break after traveling a certain distance of blocks. Now the exact number i am not so sure of, but if you have travelled 5k blocks in water, then you can be sure whatever boat you used has broken already. You also lose some durability if you crash your boat.

What will be changed?: You will have to be careful with crashing, aswel as not travel with the boat without needing too if it's expensive (eg. enchanted with loads of levels spent).


Description: Fishing will now have a chance to fish up boats. The boats can be enchanted (but it's rare) and will have some durability lost. It can be all the different kinds of boats, but the most common is still the normal one. You still also fish fish (hehe), but the chance of getting boats increase if you fish in deep water. You can also fish from a boat in deep water in a sea biome, to get more fish faster and also a much bigger chance to get boats.

What will be changed?: Fishing is much more funny, since you have a chance to get a cool boat and the fact that it isn't so boring and slow if you fish in the deep sea (the time to catch a fish in a deep sea biome is roughly 5 seconds).

This is all for now, folks. I will probably add more later on if it get's popular enough or i get new ideas for it, but for now this is it.

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01/31/2013 1:59 am
Level 1 : New Mountaineer
cheetah avatar
Yes, they should totally add this stuff, a small change, a big difference
01/26/2013 9:18 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
k9 officer
k9 officer avatar
this is pretty cool
01/26/2013 9:28 am
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
jeroen11dijk avatar
Can someone make a mod of this this is the best idea EVER
01/26/2013 11:45 am
Level 47 : Master Spelunker
vaxivop avatar
Thank you :). It just so happens that some of the ideas will be used in an upcoming mod.
01/26/2013 1:24 pm
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
jeroen11dijk avatar
I will be looking forward to it I have wanted this since I play minecarft
01/17/2013 6:04 pm
Level 24 : Expert Lumberjack
Casval avatar
Quite nautical :D
01/04/2013 12:47 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Sweetheart
Jas avatar
I loved the whole post, minus the boat enchantments. But generally +1 :)
01/04/2013 4:57 pm
Level 47 : Master Spelunker
vaxivop avatar
01/03/2013 4:02 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
TheFliyngMinecrafter avatar
i gaved you a diamond you should win!
01/04/2013 10:42 am
Level 47 : Master Spelunker
vaxivop avatar
Ty :)
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