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Most Awesome fireball cannon ever ! | AAMC #6 | Fireball & Enderpearl

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WisDude avatar WisDude
Level 49 : Master Mage
If you didn't know, AAMC stands for All Around minecraft
In my long time playing minecraft I've never seen a better bug then this one. This is absolutely amazing !
But before we begin with the cannon, I want to show this simple trick to all of you, who didn't know this yet.
You can throw an enderpearl far longer then you thought. Not using your hand...Using a piston !
Yes, a piston. A sticky piston and a slime. But will need the perfect timing and here is my tutorial for the perfect timing:
Enderpearl throw timing
Most Awesome fireball cannon ever ! | AAMC #6 | Fireball & EnderpearlFirst, you have to build this tiny machine. 1 button, 5 repeaters on max tick, one sticky piston & slimeblock.
make a marking right beside the 4th repeater (from the button). I've used green wool.
Right in the moment the last repeater gets activated, you have to throw you enderpearl on the slimeblock, but it has to be the perfect timing. Then it will fly up and tp you up to 30 blocks more then by hand.

The flying fire
Have you ever seen a flying fire in minecraft ? Yes, you might have seen a buggy one. One, which wasn't real.
But here I've got a really flying fire. A fire placed in the air, just flying.
Most Awesome fireball cannon ever ! | AAMC #6 | Fireball & Enderpearl
When you build this machine, this flying fire can be made. It will appear right after the piston, where I destroyed the floor.
Every 2nd fireball will fly throught and the others will stop after the piston and create a flying flame... That's pretty nice, right ?
But now it comes even better. The final, the final machine in this post, the almighty fireball dispenser !
Amazing fireball catapult
This catapult shoots regular fireballs in a bow, just as snowballs, eggs and arrows. The fireball will come in contact with the ground, even if they are flying in the air and were shot from the ground !
Most Awesome fireball cannon ever ! | AAMC #6 | Fireball & Enderpearl
Just try it out yourself, its amazing ! The shot fireballs will fly up in the air and split up in many different ways, so they can hit many targets. You won't be able to control, where they are flying.

I hope, you can see all 3 fireballs. They're all flying in the same direction, but in different ways.

And that is, where they all hit the target in a time of 5 seconds (2 cannons were shooting).
I absolutely love this cannon for destruction purposes.

If you want me to find more bugs like this leave a comment !


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