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Multiplayer Survival Tips

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Survival Techniques for Multiplayer

Faction, Raid & PVP Servers

These servers are no home for the inexperienced! Survival on these servers can be one of the toughest things in Minecraft. Griefing is always allowed, no matter how nice your base is. Factions will team up and raid others. The only area that is safe from PVP is the spawnpoint, everywhere else allows PVP. If you think you're tough enough to survive on one of these brutal servers, there are a few extra tips on how to stay alive.


#1: Don't build above-ground homes, they will get griefed! Build your base underground or in the sky.

#2: Grief your own base! Doing this will make some griefers think that the loot has already been taken. You could even add in some exposed empty chests for realism!

#3: Don't let people teleport to your base if you don't know them. They will most likely grief you after teleporting.

#4: Create a faction and claim some land for your house. You will be protected from noobs.

#5: Don't use hacks if you can get caught using them. If you use X-ray, its safer using an X-ray resource pack.

#6: Don't grief too much. Although you can easily get loot by griefing, don't go looking for stuff to grief. You might get killed.

#7: Run away from spawn. The spawnpoint will not have resources and you are likely to be killed there. Travel far out.

#8: Choose a skin that camouflages you. This is a subtle tip that can truly keep you safe if you're hiding from someone. Just remember to crouch.

#9: Don't PVP with important items! If you loose them, a lot of hard work is gone.

#10: If you have random items you don't need, use them as "Bait" in PVP. Go to spawn where you are safe from PVP and toss your item into an area with PVP enabled. Once a player gets your item, kill them!

Economy servers

Generally, these servers are good for the average minecrafter, and are easy to enjoy, since griefers usually aren't a problem. These servers can be fun, but it can be tricky starting out.

#1: Don't use hacks. The admins watch very carefully for hackers. Don't even use X-ray resource packs, you can get caught using those too!

#2: Make good first impressions. The admins will know you aren't a griefer and you might easily make friends.

#3: Sell your spare cobblestone if you can. Even if cobblestone isn't worth a lot, it will add up if you strip mine.

#4: If the server has plots, get one. Your home will be forever protected.

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