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avatar RosyGoose
Level 29 : Expert Nerd
Imagine your watching YouTube and one of your favorite Youtubers post a video about a game that you've never seen before. You click on the video then the video starts and it's all about this game called "Minecraft" you instantly start loving the game, and you want to play it yourself. Well that's how I first found out about Minecraft, now let's continue on with my experience with Minecraft. After watching this Youtuber play Minecraft for awhile I wanted the game myself really bad, so a few months later my sister in law bought it for me because she knew how much I wanted it. At first I decided to start in a single player in creative. I built this crappy house made out of every color of wool that I thought looked amazing. One day I learned how to use fire...It didn't end well. I burnt my whole house down using a fire charge because I thought it looked nice. I kept using it then my house caught on fire and I start to freak out after my house burnt down I was very upset. I even cried because it was my first house, and was so proud of how it looked.

After I learned more of the controls and how to craft I moved onto multiplayer, and found fun servers that were mini game based. One example would be Mineplex. Then after awhile of playing on mini game servers I found out about "SMP" servers and I loved them (still love them to this day). I met friends along the way of playing on SMP servers, but I also lost some because of stupid mistakes I or others made, but I did learn from those mistakes. Right now I have amazing internet friends that I met on Minecraft that I can talk to if needed. I couldn't ask for better friends they make me laugh even when I don't want to.

Now onto skins. I always used skins that other people made and I wanted to make them for a change, so one day tried making skins they weren't so good looking. A little later on I found Planet Minecraft! I started to post skins on Planet Minecraft and after awhile I got better and better! Skin making gave me a way to express myself and I love it for that. Right now to this day this game that's called Minecraft has impacted my life so much I wouldn't be the person I am today without it. It might seem hard to think that a video game can impact someone's life so much, but it can! I couldn't thank Minecraft enough for what it's gave to me. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Adventures Through Minecraft, and that Minecraft can give you your own adventures to make like it has to me.

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