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My Hunger Games Guide

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Blake_bailey's Avatar Blake_bailey
Level 25 : Expert Nerd
Hello there, hunger games survivor Blake_bailey here, or you can just call me Blake.

I'm certain everyone has played hunger games and when you die, mainly in the final 3 for stupid reasons, you are very much PISSED.

Well, don't fret my friend, I am here to help.


Ok, there are countless people asking for you to team. Say NO, unless they are a friend. Team members usually slow you down and will sometimes betray you, mainly in the finals. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of having a teammate.

  • When you are about to die your teammate can switch with you while you heal.
  • If you are being double teamed, its best to have someone who can help you.
  • It is easier to take down someone with better weapons and/or armor than you.
  • You can't watch your own back unless you use f5 which is very hard to navigate with it for some.

  • Your teammate may feel like they don't need you anymore and may kill you.
  • You don't want to bond with someone and then be in the final 2 with them.
  • In a fight, your teammate may accidently hit you, causing a fatality sometimes.
  • Your teammate may be teaming with you to lure you into a trap.
  • You sometimes may have to share your precious food with them.
  • They will slow you down.

Like I said, teaming isn't bad but if you want to win, its usually best to avoid teams at all cost.

Next, go to the center as fast as you can. If you have a fast computer, those items are yours for the picking. But if you have a slow computer or know you can't get to the center fast enough, you may want to consider going off and getting other chests while most of the people are at center.

Try to avoid open areas! Someone with a bow or good armor can easily take you out if your just out in plain sight.

Try to not climb trees. Some HG maps have chests in trees that require you jumping from tree to tree. Keep in mind that one bad step and your going to fall to your death. Also fighting in trees is not very smart seeing you can easily get knocked off of it.

Hold the RAGE. If you rage then next game people may want to target you to make you mad again.

If you get an iron sword at center, you may want to start swinging. Try to kill as many people as possible at the center so you don't have to worry about them later. That person you let get away may just be the person who kills you later on.

TRUST NOONE.... YEA NOT EVEN YOURSELF!! If someone is blocking with their sword (signal for team) don't listen to them. Once you turn your back there is a good chance they're going to kill you.

Never say "I am going to win" in the chat. People will make sure to target you to kill you then private message you making fun of you. This not only results in your loss but now the killer gets to laugh at you.

Memorize your surroundings. Doing this can help you get away if your losing a fight.

IF SOMEONE IS CHASING YOU NEVER CLIMB A TREE. When you start climbing they can get free hits on you.

Never hang around long around lava. Even someone with nothing in their inventory can end you with one punch if that one punch sends you into hell's liquid.

Make a strategy. You can experiment with different strategies until you find one that suits you. (Ex: I like going to the center then climbing the trees and getting the chests up there, then getting down quickly to fight.)

Don't be afraid to team just to kill your teammate. I do it too sometimes and I'm perfectly ok with it. There is no rule saying you cannot do it and probably never will be.

Watch out for donors. They have good items (potions of strength, swiftness, etc.) that will end you in a heartbeat. Your best chance of defeating a donor is to sneak them, or to gang up on them.

You cannot win ever match, so don't get mad if you lose a lot. Remember there could be anywhere from 30 to 80 people going against you.

Remember to shoot people with your bow if you have one as much as you can before closing the distance and ending them with a sword. This way you can conserve health just incase someone else comes out and tries attacking you.

If you can, try to fake people. If you have a wooden and iron sword, equip your wooden sword so people think your an easy picking then pull your iron sword out and surprise them.

Try to stay out of water. In water you are slow and if your attacker has a bow, mind as well throw in the towel because as far as I know, unless you have a bow and can shoot back, there isn't diddly squat you can do about it, mind as well drown yourself.

This one isn't going to help you win, but if you know your going to die, don't let your attacker have your stuff! Try to find lava and take a swim.

On the uberminecraft hunger games, eggs, when thrown, explode. You may take damage so WATCH WHERE YOU THROW THEM. I have died so many times because I accidently killed myself throwing a egg. I'd recommend only using eggs when your target has better equipment and to throw it at a distance, or if your target is fleeing and you can't catch up to him throw an egg and kill him like that.

One of your problems may be a lack of food. Food is key to winning the survival games. You have the food and you have a chance. You could have the best armor in the arena and still lose from hunger. Food will decide if you regenerate health or if you can run so make sure its filled at all times!! Occasionally you may get parasites which in my view is worst than poison since it drains your hunger bar. Here are some tactics on how to make your food last longer.

Food tactics:
  • Cook your food whenever possible.
  • Not all servers allow your to break blocks. If necessary, use a wood sword to cook your food.
  • Try to avoid running whenever possible.
  • If you can try to avoid sharing your food.

If you have more than one egg, don't throw them all at one time. Doing so wastes your precious eggs. When they hit the ground, throw another.

NEVER, say I am recording for youtube. If you really are recording for youtube don't say it in the chat no one really cares! Keep all comments to you and your headset.

Before you go around accusing people of hacking, please half hardcore proof they did it. It usually takes a hacker to catch one anyways.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my tips and tricks and may the odds be ever in your favor in your next hunger games match! Also, if you liked this please diamond and subscribe. I may add to this blog or I may not, who knows. Until next time, this has been Blake and I hope you will read more from me in the future!

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First update : by Blake_bailey 12/23/2013 12:27:18 amDec 23rd, 2013

Added a good bit of tactics on how to conserve your food and fight.

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12/24/2013 8:21 am
Level 27 : Expert Nerd
ClickStartGaming's Avatar
Nice Guides! :D it truely helped me!
12/24/2013 1:32 pm
Level 25 : Expert Nerd
Blake_bailey's Avatar
haha thanks I apologize its only really for the uberminecraft hunger games though
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