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My Input on the Future Development of Minecraft (Biome update and seasons)

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Aidandrums's Avatar Aidandrums
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Hello, my name is Aidandrums and I am a Minecraft veteran of about a year and a half. I was graciously given the game by a friend and have never stopped thanking him. During my time in the MC universe I have lead many societies against griefers, build cities and have let my imagination wonder in this wonderful world.

Anyways, I believe that the next step for Minecraft should be a Biome update. "A Biome update?" you may be asking yourself, yes but within this update contains a plethora of new features to the game. Lets get started!

The most major one would have to be, seasons. For seasons to work the map generator would need an obvious update so the geography of Minecraft would mimic that of earth's (areas on the equator [x=0] would be mainly jungles and deserts which would not be effected by seasonal change). This mimicked Biome generation would make navigating through the world easier as Biomes would be more predictable. *I understand that the average minecraft world is slightly larger then the surface of Neptune so arctic biomes are going to be hard to get to*

Each Biome will respond differently to the seasons, mainly weather. (ie Deserts would not have snow but water may freeze due to the extreme temperatures they endure during the winter seasons and grasslands and forests would deal with snow and little to no ground veg, such as grass or flowers). Now how would you keep track of this hectic change of season? Easy, the sun and moon would move in relation to the seasons (in other words, not hang directly above you like it currently does, but instead hanging over the negative z coordinate when the positive z is in the winter season). Nights and Days would be effected as well (longer days in the summer and longer nights in the winter). Another item to track seasons would be a rather crude calendar that simply has seasons.

Added effects could also be added to cause hardship to Steve such as hyper/ hypothermia which could be cured by drinking water and building fires or wearing cold weather clothing (made from fur or wool). Other illnesses could be added to make the game a bit more difficult (maybe a hardcore mod add-on or something) such as Malaria from jungles and black lung from extended periods of time in mines (these illnesses would obviously have their own cures such as potions that involve native woods ["barks"] or some other resource).

Now with these different environments there's bound to be a diverse wildlife, right? Of course! With the update to the biomes animals are for sure a worthy addition. But these animals wouldn't just spawn anywhere like pigs or cows, they would have biome specific spawning patterns (like the Ocelots). Bears would spawn in forests and even polar bears would in the poles. Snakes, deer, and other animals that are indigenous to specific biomes would also be added. ***Much like the Mo'Creatures mod***

Now with all of these new features to the game you best have a few new items to help you out. One such item would be a block that would allow you to form a bio dome. This would terraform an area within said dome so you could have a forest in a desert or whatever environment you wish. With the obvious plant life in this artificial environment, a little bit of wildlife would also spawn within the dome. But if the dome is broken then the environment would decay. Animals and trees would die and if the hole isn't fixed quick enough then the environment would be forever lost and the terraforming process will have to be completely redone. ***Like the Eden Project in England***


Now I'm not going to sit here and list off every animal that this mod will incorporate but I can list what some of their item drops will be used for. Bears and other animals that can drop fur can use said fur to make fur/ cold weather clothing. Skin from snakes or sea life could be used to make bags or used as a weaker substitute to cow leather. New meats would be added as well and maybe even a food -> food recipe could be added (like sandwiches). Another add on could be wax. From where? Well from your ears! Yeah right... From bees and plants. this could be used for making candles and... wait for it, MINING HELMETS! They can do the same job as torches (light up the area) except you wear it. You need to keep it fueled but now you have a slot saved for more iron or coal instead of having to bring a bunch of torches.

Well that's my 2 cents. If I think of anything else then I will add it, I hope you've enjoyed my little spiel.

*** Last minute idea***

I was thinking about how Notch never included the camera but it is in the games code. What if you could take pictures of things and you develop the pictures onto paper, then you can frame it, either in a frame or with the same crafting recipe as a painting. This would be a nice way of adding some custom photography to your house.


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Added another idea and some pictures : by Aidandrums 12/23/2012 1:09:49 amDec 23rd, 2012

So I was just laying in bed and though, what the hell. So I added some pictures and another minor idea not really pertaining to the theme of the bit but still a cool little idea I had while I was laying here.

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01/28/2013 2:39 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Grump
Azie's Avatar
These are some really amazing ideas. Seasons and weather in games have always been interesting to me. And I think the rain in Minecraft needs some sort of a schedule because the only way to escape it is live in a desert or a snow biome. Season would balance that nicely.

Also, I thought the camera was a really cool idea! :) Diamond for you.
12/19/2012 5:29 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Juan137's Avatar
yeah yeah yeah! diamond
12/20/2012 4:30 pm
Level 22 : Expert Scribe
Aidandrums's Avatar
Thank you.
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