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My purpose: OpenComputers Mod!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my very first blog post ever! I have been playing a great modpack lately; "Compact Claustrophobia" by YOUR_HAMSTER, available on CurseForge, and one of the mods included that is turning out to be very useful is the OpenComputers mod, developed by sangar.

The Opencomputers mod provides a powerful new feature to Minecraft, the ability to make computers and robots in-world! These can read data from many in-world (and even out-of-world) sources, and control both vanilla Minecraft components as well as operate components added by many other mods. You program these computers using a simple programming language called Lua.

While the online documentation (https://ocdoc.cil.li/api) is pretty good overall, it did take me quite a while to figure out the details that let you "glue the pieces together" into working solutions, and coding examples have proved very hard to find.

In my blog posts, I will be covering setup and basic operation, the Lua programming language itself, how to make it work both with Vanilla Minecraft, as well as mods like Refined Storage, NuclearCraft, Compact Machines 3, and Immersive Engineering.

My goal is to make OpenComputers accessible to as many people as possible; please let me know if I need to explain something better.

So, my next post will be about how to make your first Opencomputer computer and how to make it work.

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